Problem Overview

People know the world has problems, but often, they don't want to dig too deep into understanding what is causing them. Because the majority of people don't know of the solutions, or they believe that there are no solutions, they would rather not be bothered from the comforts provided to them through propaganda, comforting lies, entertainment and other distractions. Denial is satisfactory for most people, but eventually it catches up to them. 

Corrupt Government

Government in the U.S.A. is corrupt from the local level to the national level. Politicians on both sides of the isle are taking corporate money. They campaign as if they are working to help the people, but with all the campaign money from corporate donors, when they get in office, they end up helping their financiers instead of the people. The role of government should be to watch the people's interests and stop corruption among their colleges. Because there is little action to stop government corruption from our government leaders, we have to hold nearly all of them responsible as accomplishes. Who in government is seeking to stop the root cause of problems? Most are mearly focusing on temporary solutions for minor problems, ignoring the underlying cuases of them all. 

Corrupt Petition Industry

We can maximize the potential of the ballot proposition process by participating in the signature collection process ourselves. When enough people simply participate in using ballot process, rather than giving up to the daunting task of having a group you support collecting a massive amount of signatures, we can all help collect just a little ourselves and get the job done by our strength in numbers. A petition industry exists that serves as a gate keeper from true citizen participation and when petition proponents support the big industry leaders, they dismiss the opportunity to organize the grassroots behind their cuase which causes more harm that good. The petition industry assists some grassroots causes, but for a heafty fee, and this keeps grassroots revolution from happening. 

Ignorance of Solutions

Main stream media and public education propaganda is sold out to special interests who desire to keep the masses ignorant. The elites biggest threat, is a nation of educated thinkers! Even though many people know about solutions we need. Many do not, and it is up to us to spread positive news. Solutions are available and Activism Truth has strategies to accomplish them!

Public Apathy

Apathy is healed when confidence is restored, permanent ballot access and voting integrity is a perfect solution. Some apathy can not be cured so easily however. Peoples personal health plays a huge role. Conventional and GMO foods, water fluoridation, BPA, aspartame and other chemical hazards produced a psychological condition of acquiescence to corruption by disrupting normal human instincts to defend the self, the family and the community from corruption.

Ignorance of Problems

The government is manipulating the public in five distinct ways and each method interconnects to serve the other control mechanisms. Most people do not know of the 5 major control systems and the many associated problems associated with them. People need to wake up to the problems, your job is to promote the truth and encourage people to get involved. The problems facing as call for urgent action. Do not hesitate, educate others, motivate yourself and activate solutions now! We need to be aware of the depth of these problems to ensure we are ready to embrace the solutions.