We are looking for people to join and become local promoters of ACTIVISM TRUTH solutions in your community.

We are looking for help with individual political action committees that form as part of our coalition. We are now working with LEGALIZE CANNIBUS, LABEL GMO FOODS, and DISCLOSE GEO-ENGINEERING. We may soon pick up campaigns for PAPER BALLOTS and RECALL ELECTIONS along with other possible options.

What campaigns we pick up depends on those people willing to file for a political action committee with their State and volunteer to organize their teams.

  • We are looking for help with our new national SUPER PAC promotion and fundraising.
  • We are looking for volunteer writers to write articles for Activism Truth as well as make social network postings.
  • We are developing jobs for people to become professional door to door fundraisers and organizers as well as management partners of a national Super Pac that will be announced soon. Pay is commission based and professional training will be provided free of charge for all accepted applicants.
  • We also provide leads for professional paid petition signature collection opportunities.
  • We hire independent petition circulators and train professional minded business people to coordinate local and State wide initiatives so that citizens can vote for law changes on the ballot!
We the people, can and must bypass the legislature and become our own lawmakers!

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