Stop Agenda 21

Stop Agenda 21

agenda21100Agenda 21 is a "Trojan Horse" disguised as an altruistic plan to save the environment and the economy but with the price tag of complete global governance and authoritarian control. Agenda 21 is globalism taking over on the local level. Agenda 21 has many hazardous programs.

  • GMO Foods
  • Geo-Engineering
  • Smart Meters
  • Fracking

Citizen Grand Jury

Citizen Grand Jury

citizen grand juryReplace the Judge with a pannel of diverse citizens. Only with the Citizen Grand Jury (CGJ) process can citizens ensure a proper checks and balances on a judicial system that is blind to justice. The CGJ is currently only available in Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

  • Take corrupt Law Enforcement to court
  • Take corrupt Political Leaders to court
  • Take corrupt Corporations to court


Ban Fracking

Fracking100Fracking is a dangerous environmental hazard created by the Energy Monopolies. The EPA doesn't even know what chemicles they put into the groundwater. Fresh water supplies are being destroyed and better alternatives are available.

  • Protect our Water and Land
  • Stop Subsidizing Dirty Energy
  • Encourage Safe and Clean Alternatives



GeoengineeringTeaser100x100Geo-Engineering poisons our air, water and soil. Geo-Engineering is a government program where harmful toxins are used to "reverse global warming." We must stop Geo-Engineering because of the following:

  • Deadly Poisons in Atmosphere
  • Zero Regulations
  • Secretive Government Testing

GMO Foods

Label and Ban GMO Foods

BioCorn100What is the GMO Problem? Genetically Modified Organisms were created to feed the world, instead they are destroying DNA and threatening all life on the planet. In EVERY independent study they show GMO's cause health problems. Genetic pollution can cause the following problems:

  • Inability to Reproduce
  • Cancers and other Disease
  • Cross Species Contamination and Risk to Entire Biosphere


Hemp and Marijuanahempworld100

Hemp is the World's #1 most useful plant! Legislation has repealed the old laws and the states are doing great without prohibition. Now more states are joining in. Rather than criminalize, our states can benefit from hemp, medicine, recreational use and taxes. 

  • Reduce Prison Populations
  • End Drug War Waste
  • Create Billions in Revenue from Green Industrial Products

Paper Ballots

Paper Ballots

paper_ballotsPaper Ballots are the ONLY way to secure an election. Without basic securities in elections, we no longer can consider ourselves a democratic republic or a nation that represents it's people. When elections are rigged, we can only expect the worst possible government.

  • Save our Elections
  • Save our Republic
  • Save what Democratic process we still have.

State Bank

State Bank

debt100The state bank stops privatized debt lending. Money is lent at very reasonable rates to local businesses and college students. As it is paid back, excess beyond the banks operating costs are used for the states general funds. Like a library, a state bank is a publicly owned utility.

  • North Dakota ended private debt
  • Iceland ended private debt
  • Every sovereignty can end private debt

Water Fluoridation

Stop Water Fluoridation

There is poison in the Tap WaterWe have to accept the fact that Fluoride is a Neurotoxin and there are safer ways to clean our teeth. We should not be ingesting this chemical and it should not be absorbed in our skin when we clean ourselves. Fluoride should be banned for the following reasons.

  • Bio-accumulation in the body
  • Neurotoxic effects
  • Destruction of the Pineal Gland