Who We Are

We are an organization of individuals working to empower the citizens of the United States with knowledge about the biggest problems facing society along with offring a ominibu solution for them all: strong networking online and directly to build a critical mass for permanent ballot access,

What We Do

We are online and active in our communities, talking about problems that face society, and sharing the unified solution, to create "permanent ballot access." We are building a Ballot Access Network; a league of concerned citizens that can qualify multiple ballot proposals for the ballot, to let the voters decide, rather than wait for politicians, effortlessly.

What We Want

We are looking for motivated individuals who want stronger checks and balances to restore a constitutional government, to participate and build our website with us. We are looking for volunteers to promote this project and introduce the concepts of strengthening state's rights to utilize the 10th amendment to it's full potential. We are looking for entrepreneurial activists to participate in our paid fundraising opportunities. We need outreach and we need funding to assist in the outreach to attract new members who will join us to build our strength in numbers that will at some time create a critical mass that will enable the Ballot Access Network to put any initiative, referendum, recall, nomination and citizen grand jury proposal on the ballot, effortlessly. 

More Details About Us

We the People need YOU to be the leader for your community. The Ballot Access Network promotes qualified initiative proponents that work for the public's best interests. We provide a platform for you to actively participate and discuss and solve problems affecting you.