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agenda21100Agenda 21 is a "Trojan Horse" disguised as an altruistic plan to save the environment and the economy but with the price tag of complete global governance and authoritarian control. Agenda 21 is globalism taking over on the local level. Agenda 21 has many hazardous programs.

  • GMO Foods
  • Geo-Engineering
  • Smart Meters
  • Fracking

Agenda21To save the environment, we need to stop subsidizing dirty energy, we need to implement the various "Free Energy" technologies that exist, use clean energy, grow industrial Hemp and implement other real clean solutions.

Agenda 21 is a false promise that creates dictatorship controls over all aspects of civilization, rather than allowing the natural solutions that are currently available to flourish simply by stopping the corporate bailouts of polluting industry and prohibiting the sale of products that cause short and long term health consequences.

Agenda 21 ends sovereignty and declares the UN has top down authority over our rights. This is in direct contradiction to our Constitution and states rights. The Agenda 21 is the plan for a New World Order, a 4th Reich, it's for total control of the world using technology as a means of enslavement and to enact an authoritarian Global Government. The same people seeking to implement world taxes on Carbon.

Agenda 21 is a fraud. The global government wants you to be dependent. ALL CO2 could be offset by using hemp, organic foods could be planted and pesticides can be banned to ensure health and abundance. Corporations could pay for the needs of human kind. Personal consumption and energy dependance can be reduced intelligently, and not by force on the individual simply trying to keep a roof over their head.

As long as private wealth is used to consolidate power into the hands of government and corporations, and not to help the people of the planet directly on our local levels, elites will seek to trick the population into bondage and a new age slavery using debt money to give people the illusion of choice.  Neo-Liberal politics use a strong media force, and promoting tradegy to usher in more government control and regulation, in the name of democracy. However, when these actions are taken they are taken from an international authority, the U.N.

Activism Truth is the opposite of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is from the international down to the local using a royal corporate appointment process from the Queen of England down. Activism Truth is from the local up to the international, using direct democracy, from the voter, yourself, controling the city, state, and eventually national policy.

Agenda 21 policy on human rights declares the people have the right to control their government by representative methods or otherwise. Direct democracy is legal under their rules so it can not be stoped by the U.N. Activism Truth uses this human rights loophole to be able to stop any harmful Agenda 21 policy use of the ballot initiative process.

Small and large cities are seeking to implement Agenda 21 incrementally, by passing laws that create Agenda 21 "solutions" one piece at a time. 

We can block Agenda 21, in fact, it has already been blocked in the State of Missouri.

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  • Article 21, not Agenda 21

    Article 21, not Agenda 21

    Author Nicolas Guillermo

    Agenda 21 is the UN Agenda for the 21st century. Under the guise of “sustainability,” programs focused on reducing and managing populations. Founded by the Infamous Rothschilds and Rockefellers, in 1992, the UN Conference on Environment and Development created Agenda 21 as a tool to “further sustainable development.”



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