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In order to help promote specific information, services and/or products that would resonate with our audience, is introducing several new advertising programs:

Sponsored Posts: Looks similar to regular post with an image and body copy, but will be labeled as a sponsored post.


Sponsored Ads: We offer multiple sizes & areas for Sponsored Ads.


Banner Ads: We also offer many options for banner ad placements.


Call to Action Buttons ... ... ... COMING SOON!


Video Funnels ... ... ... COMING SOON!


Newsletter Ads ... ... ... COMING SOON!


Learn more about how our Advertising Banners on will help your business or organization.

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is a form of Online Advertising Services offered by, in order to present special offers and promotions to website visitors and to our community members.

Through Banner Advertising with, advertisers are able to:

  1. Market their products and services in a very cost-effective and efficient way
  2. Build awareness on their businesses’ products and services to our target audience
  3. Direct potential customers to their website with just one click
These are examples of the different types of Banner Advertising provided by
Premium Skyscrapers
(right upper area external to main layout)
Sidebar Skyscrapers
(left or right sidebar, various locations)
Blog Banners
Standard banner ad placements (above or below content)
Forum Banners
These ads are displayed above and below Forum Discussions
Premium Horizontal Ads
High-profile banners prominently displayed above content areas
Footer Banner Ad Spots
Site-wide "stickiness" for maximum exposure
Content Banner Ads
Highly visible "inline" ads appear within page content
Sponsored Banner Ads
Featured in Left or Right column in all content areas

If you need an ad created, or you want to check out what we offer for a full site advertising campaign, Contact us and we can create artwork or work out custom pricing for you.