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We the People need YOU to be the leader for your community. The Ballot Access Network promotes qualified initiative proponents that work for the public's best interests. We provide a platform for you to actively participate and discuss and solve problems affecting you.

Activism Truth Principles - Freedom and Liberty for People, Wildlife and the Environment - to create balance and transition to a better world.

We are building a "constitution" for direct democracy governance. This constitution is not intended to replace the U.S. Constitution, it's purpose is to direct the actions among members engaged in using the e-democracy tools and organizational strategy to put initiatives, referenda, recalls, nominations and citizen grand juries on the ballot. It may be edited and updated in the future to embrace our members ideals, but this constitution is our first draft and does explain certain ethics that we feel need to be enforced. 

  1. A more functional Republic using Direct Democracy increases accountability in governance.
  2. We seek to be as moderate as possible, yet bold in our directives to educate others on serious issues and to establish evolving ideologies based on the most current facts and ethics available to us. 
  3. Corporate controlled government (fascism) will no longer exist when an informed public has rights to regulate corporations. 
  4. Authoritarianism can not exist when the people have regulation over the military industrial complex and local police actions. 
  5. Clean energy and a toxin free environment are promises of a utopian society.  
  6. A strong nation is a healthy nation which needs a healthy environment and healthy lifestyles which are patriotic.
  7. Usury free, sovereign, monetary systems are the only legal monetary systems for a utopian society.
  8. Free-markets and voluntary taxation shall co-exist peacefully.
  9. Regulatory taxation shall be limited to individuals and corporations for when their wealth leads to disparity of others. 
  10. Patents limit free information exchange that ban benefit others. Cooperation takes precedence of competition; let all opportunities be available for all people.
  11. Transparency in all government actions and accountability has precedence over judicial procedures that could limit the public security. 
  12. An E-democracy system is a fair and open debate process. Actions to manipulate others will be regulated ensuring integrity for the debate process.
  13. Free public education shall be available and it shall not be influenced by special interests. 
  14. Tolerance of all different ideologies, focusing on what we have in common, rather than what separates us is the top priority. 
  15. We are against a speculative constitutional convention as long as we have a functional initiative, referendum, recall, nomination and citizen grand jury processes.

We are still in the development phase and this site will constantly be in the process of evolving as people join our members community area and vote in our E-Democracy platform to decide the direction our organization will go even our core constitution can be altered when active members deem it necessary for our common interests. 

Become a member today and get to know other members, help grow the collection of articles and data by creating a blog in our forum and vote using our online E Democracy tools. Be a part of our community and help us build momentum for a unified ballot access network.

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we must understand the problems
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