What We Want

We are looking for motivated individuals who want stronger checks and balances to restore a constitutional government, to participate and build our website with us. We are looking for volunteers to promote this project and introduce the concepts of strengthening state's rights to utilize the 10th amendment to it's full potential. We are looking for entrepreneurial activists to participate in our paid fundraising opportunities. We need outreach and we need funding to assist in the outreach to attract new members who will join us to build our strength in numbers that will at some time create a critical mass that will enable the Ballot Access Network to put any initiative, referendum, recall, nomination and citizen grand jury proposal on the ballot, effortlessly. 

We want to represent our members fully, to utilize e-democracy tools, where online voting and consensus building will shape the outcome of our actions. We value education and will fulfill the goals to have a fully-functional Quorum-E-Democracy where facts will be presented and misnomers will be hashed out so the most relevant topics of interest will rise to the top of our website as displayed currently with our top 9 initiatives. This order may change in the future and it certainly will be varied from state to state. Each state page will have it's own initiative priority that will be decided using rank choice voting tools, this way, all members opinions will be represented and the highest consensuses will rise to the top to display the order of our member preferences.

The future of Activism Truth will be when we implement e-signature systems for our ballot proposals. They are legal and simply have not been challenged in court yet. Imagine if people could sign binding ballot proposals, referenda, recalls, nominations and citizen grand jury petitions from their cell phones and tablets? This is possible and will be implemented onto our website when we have the funding to do so.

What we want to to change the political landscape, using technology to empower people to become a legitimate fourth system of checks and balances. Backed by education and our e-democracy consensus building tools, Activism Truth seeks to spread the truth about activism. We don't have to wait for politicians, we don't have to lobby which has been proven to be ineffective and costly to the people, we don't have to wish or hope any longer, all we have to do is participate ourselves. People are so used to being led by leaders, we are here to change the parading of governance, to share with people the benefits of what will happen when we become the self governed.

We want to recruit, train, and promote the advancement of ordinary citizens to become professional petitioners and petition coordinators who help their communities get involved. Eventually nationwide ballot access will be created and others can expand the project to other nations that offer ballot access as well.

We want to organize enough voters to become the 4th system of checks and balances, and ensure a counter balance to corruption and outright tyranny unfolding before our very eyes. Lets rid our legislature of corruption once and for all. We can't wait for politicians. We must evolve to show that we can be leaders and others can too. We can proactively create legislation that can end corruption and pass it into law by a direct vote. The people are ready for solutions, but it is going to take new leaders to lead other leaders to then direct the masses to participate in solutions as simple as signing petitions and voting for them, rather than to be acquiescent to corruption.

Your assistance in promoting our cause, joining our forum, and participating in projects in your community will create a much greater solution than ever before possible. Let us shift people's paradigms from being controlled by the political system, to being back where we truly are, in control of it.

We want people to sign up for our newsletters, to join our forums and post facts supporting arguments in favor of causes they support, to communicate with other members, to get involved in member only groups from the state down to the local level in your city or town, and to promote what we do all around to others.

Beyond participating, contributions go a long way. We are entirely volunteer and until we have working budget to put full time staff at the controls of our development and promotion, this solution will not flourish at the rate it should, that we all need it too, in order to make a difference by the time of the next election. Upon having our first 300 people to contribute just $5 a month. or the equivalent there of, we can employ one full time staff member to build this program rapidly. One full time staff member can create meaningful content, network, coalition build, and get publicity on our project. This will ensure that we can absolutely build our network to the multimillion member levels we need to make a difference across the whole country, hiring more full time staff, directing actions for political action committees nationwide to file propositions, organize people behind them and build towards our Ballot Access Network so that all our propositions will get to the ballot every time.

Our goal is to launch the nations first grassroots ballot proposal Super-PAC, one that supports the non-corrupt candidates we need nationwide for local and federal elections, and also for citizens ballot initiatives, referenda, recalls and citizen grand juries. There has never been a Super-PAC designed to operate for all citizen ballot proposals. We intend to be the first Super-PAC for citizens ballot initiatives ever created. We have filed the PAC in Arizona and it is called "Representative Initiatives. Upon receiving 500 $10 contributions, we can qualify for Super-PAC status. If your are willing to be supporter of this goal, please contact us directly and we will show you how you can contribute.

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