GeoengineeringTeaser100x100Geo-Engineering poisons our air, water and soil. Geo-Engineering is a government program where harmful toxins are used to "reverse global warming." We must stop Geo-Engineering because of the following:

  • Deadly Poisons in Atmosphere
  • Zero Regulations
  • Secretive Government Testing

geoengineering384Cloud seeding, dumping iron filings into the ocean, creating GMO trees, pumping sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere and putting mirrors into space to reflect sunlight all distract us from real solutions. What if global warming is a hoax? What if the companies that pollute the planet plan to "save the planet" by killing us all off? It's time the facts are exposed!

What does the government tell us about Geo-Engineering? The official stance on Geo-Engineering is that it is a necessary program to reduce global warming.

What the government DOES NOT tell us about Geo-Engineering? The government has denied that Geo-Engineering even exists. Then they say it exists, but they won't confirm what they are spraying on us. We have to expose them for covering up an agenda that is part of a great mass culling, and we have to stop them or the human race is doomed.

What is the problem with Geo-Engineering? The problem is the secrecy around the secretive military programs and the unwillingness for the government's disclosure as to what it is they are spraying in our skies. Also, there is a great cost to fight global warming using Geo-Engineering, when in reality, this money could be better used for energy efficiency and clean energy technologies. Geo-Engineering doesn't solve the global warming problem, in fact, science shows that it would actually aggravate conditions.  Evidence from independent investigations and the governments own patents show the use of toxic bio-accumulative metals like aluminum, barium and strontium in the cloud seeding programs. This poses a serious risk to our health and our planet's biosphere as a whole. Money should be spent on solving problems, not to create more of them. More details along with references can be found in our blogs below. Activism Truth takes a stand to support the elimination of Geo-Engineering programs.

Ban Geo-Engineering Initiatives

Geoengineering1We currently have four pieces of legislation to Ban Geo-Engineering and Chemtrails.

We would like to encourage everyone to join the network of concerned citizens who will sign petitions and collect signatures themselves, distributing the workload required for a signature drive, to qualify a Ban Geo-Engineering initiative and others you care about for the ballot.

A great resource to learn about the reality of the harm government Geo-Engineering has on our planet is from Edward G. Griffen's films:
What in the World are They Spraying?
Why in the World are They Spraying?

A solution is for the people to use the ballot proposition process. Ballot initiatives would raise awareness and allow people to have a direct vote.

Help assist in getting this initiative on your state's ballot!

Activism Truth works to assist people in creating and organizing for grassroots ballot initiatives.

We will be adding blogs on the following subjects soon.

  • Government Patents on Chemtrail Formula
  • Black Budget Weather Manipulation Funds
  • Exemptions from Chemical Testing on Population
  • Independent Studies Show Poisonous Fallout
  • Zero EPA Regulation
  • Flawed Science of Solar Radiation Management
  • Whistle Blowers Speak Out

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  • How to Stop Chemtrails

    Author Nicolas Guillermo

    Chemtrails in our skies are becoming more and more obvious to people these days unlike contrails which dissipate rather quickly, chemtrails sometimes linger for hours. Planes crisscross back and forth leaving what the native American Hopi prophecies describe as spiderwebs in the sky that signal the time of great cataclysmic Earth changes that will occur. Could they have known that these “spiderwebs” would be part of the cause of those Earth changes?

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