Paper Ballots

paper_ballotsPaper Ballots are the ONLY way to secure an election. Without basic securities in elections, we no longer can consider ourselves a democratic republic or a nation that represents it's people. When elections are rigged, we can only expect the worst possible government.

  • Save our Elections
  • Save our Republic
  • Save what Democratic process we still have.

paper_ballotsWhat does the government tell us about the security of our voting system? The government has paid billion dollar contracts to electronic voting machine companies like Diebold despite the evidence that shows how susceptible they are to tampering and hacking by remote control. They tell us our election system is perfectly fine.

What the government DOES NOT tell us about our voting system. The government does not stand up for voting integrity and introduce bills to end all the various election problems we have. They remain silent on this issue. After all, if they where elected, why should they challenge the system that worked for them?

Fair Voting Paper Ballots

We have one piece of legislation to create Fair Vote Paper Ballots.

It seems like the most fundamental issue we need to focus on is Paper Ballots. Who are we kidding, some local elections have done away with electronic voting but most haven't! What good is a voting system if hackers working for corporations can get away with hacking the poll booths. Think about it. We all know about this corruption! It's time we do something! Activism Truth is looking to promote this issue number one once it is filed. The massive appeal can draw people into the network of our initiative supporters.

A practical, electronic but mechanical paper ballot counting system, could be a minimal cost for automated fair voting. I envision a tough ballot card printed on hemp paper with holes punched in it instead of filled in circles. The cards would be verified manually and fed into a machine. The machine would thread them through a device with a prong that would flick when it hits a hole, tabulating the result on another document. The second document would issue printouts of each 100 votes. These would be put in piles and counted manually on camera at the end to easily declare the winners in each jurisdiction.

There are lots of great initiatives to file, but paper ballots is about the top most important initiative. Without Paper Ballots and election integrity, we will never know if we can truly use the ballot initiative process effectively. Join Us.

This following initiative can be filed in any city county or state with ballot initiative rights to create fair voting laws for independent candidates. The plan to put this on the ballot in Arizona, where it was written for and other states including yours! A group called the Verified Voting Foundation is proposing this bill for legislative vote.

We are archiving reasons why we need a fair voting paper ballots legislation in our blogs below. We can assume all our elections are rigged to one degree or another because no one is fighting for a paper trail.

  • Anyone with the technology can hack elections remotely without being caught.
  • All non-corporate candidates will always lose.
  • All citizen initiatives, referenda and recalls will be ineffective.

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