Arizona NDAA

Written by Charlie Parke on Saturday, 07 September 2013. Posted in NDAA

NDAA in Arizona

NDAA, can the USA secretly jail US citizens without trial? In 2012 congress authorized an act for National Defense often referred to as the NDAA. This law removes the need to charge a suspect with a crime, allowing them to be arrested and imprisoned without a trial.

Stop Uranium Mining!

on Sunday, 01 September 2013. Posted in Nuclear

End Nuclear Dependancy

Stop Uranium Mining!

Nuclear dependancy is our greatest threat to the modern world. GMO foods can't even grow in a nuclear waste zone. More and more, the uranium isotopes are concentrating in our environment and our world becomes that much more deadly by the day. There is no future for humanity if our nuclear waste excedes a theashold where mutations and cancers start to hit ever peson.

Right now, some forms of tumors and cancers affect 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 in women. Yes, you heard that right. That means that either I, the author of this blog, or your the reader are likely to get cancer in our lives. Chances are it will be one of us, but I'm taking precautions to reduce my risk every day, are you?


Arizona Drones

Written by Charlie Parke on Saturday, 31 August 2013. Posted in Drones

Drones over Arizona, are you being watched?

Drones are unmanned aerial craft capable of observation and sometimes offense for scientific, military and commercial purposes. Increasingly affordable, drone technology is owned and used around the world for a wide variety of purposes.  Several drone models are tiny craft that are hard to spot and may be flying overhead in Arizona as we speak. A drone can be used to observe private activities in a backyard or thru an uncovered 2nd story window, violating long standing expectations of privacy. When can you be observed and how can you protect yourself?

Secret trade deal may hurt Small Farmers and GMO free Food

Written by Charlie Parke on Friday, 30 August 2013. Posted in GMO Foods

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) seeks to bring together many of the worlds biggest food producers.   Countries involved equal about 1/3 of the worlds agricultural food exports.    Activist Robin Sunbeam describes the deal as "The highly secretive draft is being kept from the eyes of Congress and the public; yet hundreds of corporate advisers are privy to its text. The goal seems to be to streamline regulations to favor corporate profits at the expense of the general public."

How to Stop Chemtrails

on Monday, 26 August 2013. Posted in Geo-Engineering

Know the Facts and Get Involved.

Chemtrails in our skies are becoming more and more obvious to people these days unlike contrails which dissipate rather quickly, chemtrails sometimes linger for hours. Planes crisscross back and forth leaving what the native American Hopi prophecies describe as spiderwebs in the sky that signal the time of great cataclysmic Earth changes that will occur. Could they have known that these “spiderwebs” would be part of the cause of those Earth changes?

The Right to Gardening

on Saturday, 24 August 2013. Posted in GMO Foods

Gardening is Under Attack

The USDA and Local Governments are attacking peoples right to grow vegetables. Government is blatantly attacking the food freedom to grow vegetables, to sell vegetables, and to be self sufficient. They want you to be dependent on their system. Tyranny is upon us as they flush the economy with federal reserve notes to finance mega farms to plant GMO foods, and they attack peoples rights to grow their own food on their own.

GMOs Labeled as “Natural”

on Wednesday, 21 August 2013. Posted in GMO Foods

GMO Sugar Beet as Natural Sugar

GMO foods are found in many products labeled Natural.

Gmo foods made me sick when I ate them. My personal account of the poisoning side effects for GMO sugar beet sugar in a juice I drank labeled as "Natural Sugar," inspired me to write this blog and let the public know how we really need to do our homework on the issue, how it affects our world, and know what products to boycott.

Directory of VIP Activist Authors

on Wednesday, 21 August 2013. Posted in Authors Portal

Top 7 Reasons for People to Write Blogs for Activism Truth.

It's our duty to stand up for future generations. The way we can consciously notice problems in society that will lead to our absolute destruction, and how we can neglect our required efforts to lift up humanity, is the biggest threat to mankind.

What the Frack?

on Wednesday, 21 August 2013. Posted in Fracking

Fracking threatens our fresh water reserves, and natural gas threatens our health.

What the Frack?

The big government good old boys and lobbyists aren't so happy with the rapidly growing fracking resistance movement. It's very telling of the level of corruption in our government when you find out how the fracking process uses chemicals that are deadly and carcinogenic, yet, it's byproduct, natural gas, is considered a "green" energy source.

Ban GMO Cultivation

on Friday, 02 August 2013. Posted in GMO Foods

Stronger GMO Resistance to Ban Cultivation

Several counties in California have passed local ballot initiatives to ban the cultivation of GMO foods. Trinity, Santa Cruz, Mendicino County and Marin County. Trinity and Santa Cruz passed ordinances because of support from activists and pressure on local representatives. Marin and Mendicio used the ballot initiative process and won the right to ban by about a 10% margin in each case.