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This section is about current campaigns and new blogs will be added as news comes out that is relevent to Activism Truth goals.

There are different election cycles in each state that vary depending on each state's election laws. There is always activity in the ballot access world. There are always new initiatives that are created and Activism Truth seeks to help get people the news about our opportunities to become the citizen lawmakers.

Our nation needs people like YOU to get involved and support local campaigns in your area or even start your own. Anyone with one day off a week can dedicate a small amount of time to help and if everyone did, our world would change virtually overnight because of the united mass actions.

Learn about campaigns, find out how you can help and get involved, because the world can't wait.

Hemp Can Save The World!

on Saturday, 27 July 2013. Posted in Campaign News, Hemp

Hemp Initiatives 2014

Activism Truth will connect many ballot initiative organizations and help all the groups benefit by working together. Many groups are forming around the nation for the same cause, if they can work together, strategize and share information, they will all be better prepared for the struggle ahead.