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Label GMO Foods in Washington State

Written by Jeffery Heaton on Thursday, 26 September 2013. Posted in GMO Foods

Washington GMO labeling advocates run a campaign!

Label GMOs. Requires that all genetically modified foods be labeled.
Many countries around the world restrict or ban GMO foods and crops. This is the result of an open debate about the dangers of GMOs. The truth about the dangers of GMO foods and crops is not being debated in our corporate dominated press.
Once we are able to place an initiative on the ballot that requires that GMO foods be labeled GMO foods and crops will start to disappear. The weight of the scientific evidence is overwhelming that GMOs foods and crops present a major risk to our health and the environment.

Any government agency that claims there are no extraordinary risk associated with GMO foods and crops is lying to protect the greed of corporations like Monsanto.
The constant propagation of misinformation by agencies of our government is a major reason so many citizens do not want to be involved in our democracy. Direct democracy through social media is our best hope for turning despair into real and legal action.
The California initiative has been rewritten for Washington State to better protect it from corporations that will attempt to delay its implementation in the courts. There is a high probability that the massive corporate advertising campaign against this initiative will fail and this initiative will be voted into law. Washington state residences are waking up to the fact that keeping their organic farming industry from being tainted by GMO poisons makes economic sense.
Up until the election the Label GMO drive in Washington State needs phone volunteers from every state to call voters who are still on the fence about this issue. Join the fray and get involved.
Direct democracy websites like and are organizing to put dozens of significant reform initiatives on the ballot. This revolutionary approach will draw many disenfranchised voters into the voting booths. Citizens who use to believe that their vote could not make a difference will  experience a paradigm shift.

Label GMO Food Washington

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