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Jack Herer's Legacy

on Friday, 20 September 2013. Posted in Charter Amendment for I&R, California, Hemp

End All Cannabis Prohibition, Everywhere!

The Jack Herer legacy is alive and well today in California and perhaps soon in other states. It's important that the truth about the corrupt influences in government with oil, big Pharma, plastics and forestry, all led to the end of "marijuana" which was a racist word that was made up to make people against hispanics. Hemp can save the world, it's green, it thrives in most climates, no pesticides needed, no oil needed, no cost, we would save our environment and in a most dramatic way as well, our economy. 

Over a quarter of the states in the U.S. have decriminalized marijuana to one level or another, this is completely because of the ballot initiative process and the first movement in California started by Jack Herer to use the process to legalize Hemp. It was obvious how our politicians where paid off to mislead the public as to their true intentions. We can't leave important law changes to a corrupted government, we must do it ourselves. It's not going to be legal on it's own, there are too many private interests that control our government who won't see that happen. Only the people can overturn the restrictions we are have been hindered with by corrupted corporate and government elite.
We can end the dependency on Petroleum with Hemp Ethynol. We can make over 1,000 industrial products with the natural plastics and rubbers created from the plants cellulose and fiber. We can make material 10x stronger than steel. We can make cloth softer than cotton. Even construction materials stronger than concrete can be made from the plant. We can save the old growth forests by using the plant again for paper just like they did when our country created it's constitution, which was by the way, written on hemp paper. 
Activism Truth promotes the legislation was created for the State of California by the great Jack Herer, visionary and activist. With very little alteration, it can be redrafted for any state in the nation. I encourage everyone to join the network of concerned citizens who will sign petitions and collect signatures themselves, distributing the workload required for a signature drive, to qualify this initiative and others you care about for the ballot.
This petition is being re-filed for California with the same organization under a new website address
This law would create limited taxation and limited regulation. Resulting in less bureaucracy and more benefit to the economy and environment.
For more info on the subject. Watch the Woody Harrelson Film
Other legislation has been drafted to legalize hemp and cannabis but the Hemp and Health is the most simplified and strongest bill on this issue I have found. It releases all non-violent offenders and erases the criminal records.
Hemp can create a multi-billion dollar green plastics, bio-fuel, construction, paper, fiber and food production industries.
Cannabis is safer than alcohol and should not be looked at with so much taboo.
Other legislation was created by the 10th Amendment Center to decriminalize Industrial Hemp only.
Also, Safer Arizona based on legislation for Colorado and Washington’s legalization measures.
Florida has a group called PUFMM that is pushing medical use. 
These initiatives cover different aspects of cannabis prohibition, Hemp an Health is the granddaddy of them all and it covers the most aspects of cannabis prohibition. 
All other proposals are good and progressively draw the public's attention into easy to digest aspects of of the issue. 
Is it up to Activism Truth supporters to bring any of these proposals to their state ballot as a direct initiative. Others in states that don't have an initiative process can run for office, that may be the only way to get things done there. Join us. Let us know your comments on this initiative. Let us know how you can offer time, resources or money to get this initiative on your ballot. Get involved today!

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