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Move to Amend States Rights

on Saturday, 14 September 2013. Posted in Corporate Personhood

Move to Amend Challenges the Federal Government

Move to Amend Movement. Legalize Democracy!

Politics is Dirty. The Colorado Citizens put an Initiative on the Ballot for Clean Government, but the Courts declared it Unconstitutional! Why? Because Corporations are Considered People by the Corrupt Court System. They use what is called the "straw man" argument, manipulating law and leveraging their money for their unbalanced advantages over the people they are supposed to serve.

It seems like we need an army of people to demand our states rights. We should push on to have a national amendment but while we have states rights. As the federal government was only created out of consent of the states, if a Federal action or law impedes on a states ability to create protections for it's citizens and it's election process with a law to end corporate person-hood for example, it should stand up to the supreme court of the state should it not?

We can't get Money Out of Politics until We Rule Money is Not Free Speech. We can't defeat corporate power until we have a constitutional amendment that says CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE.

It is an outrage that corporations have more power than people simply because they have money. It's all rooted in evil intentions, they create the fictitious straw man to commit human rights violations! Whats your view on the matter. Should we level the playing field? Yet? People need to step up and either join or create their own local meet up groups and get involved!

How do we stop the big money from killing the local economy and from taking over politics? The Ballot Initiative Process will empower the citizenry and stop the corruption. This initiative process needs to be utilized and strengthened. The voting process needs more integrity and Activism Truth is working to give the people the winning advantage.

Once Money is not Free Speech, we can limit campaign contributions, money is dominating politics and it's time we stand up and save the Republic.

One thing that is unique about the Activism Truth project is that the goal is to simultaneously find support for the Move to Amend legislation as a statewide constitutional amendment, but we would need an army of citizen support to show our representatives we will not tolerate de facto government that will not let people create campaign contribution limitations.

Perhaps this legislation to End Corporate Personhood should be preceded with 10th amendment strengthening legislation? Perhaps it should be filed with Recalls to kick out all the corporate candidates? Other actions can be taken to bring the states power back to the people and although the Move to Amend is a panacea solution, if it can't be implemented today with our current kangaroo court systems favoring the supreme courts Citizen United decision, it should be regarded as a secondary measure.

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  • Jeff Heaton

    Jeff Heaton

    04 November 2013 at 21:57 |
    I think the move to amend campaign is over rated. Lets face it. A corporation is a group of people. A group of people have a right to pool their money and target their advertising to influence a political campaign. In this case the group of people we are talking about are stock holders of a corporation. Most of the stock in the world is owned by about 400 families. So 400 families finance most of our political campaigns. They want to spend their money convincing us that taxing them is bad and selling our government assets to them cheap is good. Because gosh darn look how inept the government is. We need to get beyond struggling over battles that we can not win and concentrate on battles that are realistic.
    Passing laws restricting the rights of corporations and taxing corporations on a State, City and County level is more realistic. Once a populous movement gains political control than amending the constitutional on a federal level to say that money is not speech might be possible.
    Frankly before that happens there might not even be a United States as we know it today. Convincing the rest of the world to believe in a strong US dollar because we have more nuclear weapons may not last forever. Once the dollar crashes the States are going to want to secede from the Union.
    If I hear talk show host Thom Hartmann tell another caller that changing the constitution of the United States to say that "money is not the same as speech" is our only hope for real change my head will explode. It's just another shell game. The Supreme court doesn't even have the constitutional right to say a law passed by congress is unconstitutional in the first place. The supreme court simply decided (back in the early 1800s) that it had the right to strike down a law as unconstitutional. But that power was never granted to them in the first place. Congress has the power to enact a law but only the President has the power to enforce a law. That is where the balance of powers comes from. Congress can declare war and the President can go to war. These days Congress does not declare war even though the President can go to war. That is not how it was suppose to be.
    Tax corporations on a local level. Enact State Banks. Grow and sell food locally. These are the types of issues and laws that will free us from the tyranny of corporations that want to enslave us all.


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