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Arizona Recall Reaction

on Thursday, 12 September 2013. Posted in Arizona, Arizona Recalls, Initiative Process

People have had enough!

Within the last couple years in Arizona. Three major state officers were threatened with the recall process. None of them however were actually challenged because in each case, there were not enough volunteers to get the job done. McCain, Brewer and Joe Arpio were all challenged but not one recall petition qualified for the ballot. 


Joe Arpaio's controversial actions have gotten him in the national press several times. A group known as Respect Arizona has filed the recall but the recall effort was unsuccessful.

Joe was called out for Racial Profiling and was a key figure in the "Birther" movement calling out Obama for his birth certificate forgery. He may have done some good in the realm of investigating the birth certificate issue, in all honesty, the facts stack pretty high, but Arpaio like other politicians is involved in many questionable projects. Even if you agree with the information presented by those in the Birther crowd, you should pay credence to the other things Arpaio is involved in, and make your opinion on the question to recall once you have reviewed more facts.

He is a major player in the Arizona radical conservative movement who should be kicked out of office for his offenses. The democratic party and other leftist political groups such as the greens and even the libertarians, could not qualify the recall in time. There are many reasons to kick Arpaio out of office is currently the "most sued Sheriff" in the country. 

John McCain is a longstanding Republican with no term-limits. He gets massive money from industrial tycoons and spends it on campaign promotions. He has secured his seats in office by taking advantage of corporate lobbyist money. His actions threaten our freedom and liberty. Conservatives and Liberals all have their reasons to recall McCain. Conservatives would like to kick him out for voting for Amnesty of Illegal Immigrants and for Voting for Gun Regulation with Harry Reid.

Independents and Liberals would like to kick him out for supporting Nuclear Energy and War Funding among many others reasons.

Jan Brewer has also been threatened with Recall in the recent past. As a card carrying Republican who votes for many liberal laws hard core republicans can't stand, and as one who is hated by the left, a recall should be easy, but peoples inaction is keeping anything from getting done.

Many others have been threatened with recall in Arizona's history, but Recall petitions are the hardest type to qualify. Right on the first legislative session of 2013, McCain and Brewer reacted to their recall attacks and passed HB2305, covered in a recent blog on Activism Truth called "Arizona Republicans Attacking Voters Rights." a voter suppression law that kicked greens, libertarians, and independents off the ballot, but also that raised the requirements for the already difficult enough recall process.

We the people must unite for the recall process. We must organize to have a network of people ready to help qualify recalls so that anytime in the future we have some rouge politicians who need to get kicked out, we can self organize our associates to get a recall qualified much faster. The more people who join us, the greater the possibilities. This solution is good for Arizona but can also be done in any state in the Country. If you like the concept of organizing for future recalls on a as needed basis, find yours state and look into the recall process, the recall information is essential for the people of this nation to rise up and reclaim our republic.

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