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How to Stop Chemtrails

on Monday, 26 August 2013. Posted in Geo-Engineering

Know the Facts and Get Involved.

Chemtrails in our skies are becoming more and more obvious to people these days unlike contrails which dissipate rather quickly, chemtrails sometimes linger for hours. Planes crisscross back and forth leaving what the native American Hopi prophecies describe as spiderwebs in the sky that signal the time of great cataclysmic Earth changes that will occur. Could they have known that these “spiderwebs” would be part of the cause of those Earth changes?

Congressman Dennis Kuccinich introduced HR 2977 the Space Preservation Act where he exposes Chemtrails as an Exotic Weapon and he sought to end them from our military budgets.

There are many theories as to why the skies are being sprayed, such as weather modification through cloud seeding, Geo-Engineering to protect us from climate change, or worse, deliberate poisoning of the people to help curb over population and make the pharma-cartel even richer as we get sicker. FBI chief Ted Gunderson says they have to stop, now. Even though Al Gore is a hypocrite in many ways, he says that Geo-Engineering is nuts.

What we do know from ground samples taken to labs and tested is that what they are spraying is a highly toxic mix of heavy metals such as aluminum, cadmium, barium. These ingredients sound more like something in a vaccine than something that will help with climate change. More evidence is exposed through the many patents created by the military that directly expose their agenda. The films What in the World are they Spraying and Why in the World are They Spraying go in deep detail as to what is really going on. 

The company located in Pima county, Arizona, formerly known as Evergreen is a scam corporation that is now owned by Relativity Corporations and Relativity is owned by a Leslie Armitage who is co-owner of of the corrupt military industrial complex corporation  Carlyle Group. Evergreen is a name that implies "to protect the environment" and the whole scam about using chemtrails to protect the earth is exposed. The CIA company in Arizona is installing high tech spraying devices on the planes. The CIA's involvement was exposed by their member Delford Smith.

Just as Al Gore suggests people "sustainably use oil," and the government and utilities promote "natural" gas as a "green" energy sources even though fracking uses more toxic chemicals than oil extraction. Just like GMO foods are supposed to "feed the world." The Chemtrail phenomenon is promoted as altruistic, but really has very negative intentions such as depopulation. Even the GMO companies are creating seeds and foods that are to be aluminum resistant. Isn't it evident that they think they know what they are doing? Perhaps if they spray the planet, and the crops die, the only people you will be able to get food from are those who control the whole food supply being the government and Monsanto's Big Agro farmers.

If the elites really wanted to save the atmosphere, we would be on full clean energy right now and they would plant trees.

The good news is that we can get heavy metals out of our bodies by fasting and eating leafy greens like cilantro and parsley. The damage to crops and the planet is a continuing threat. We must do something proactive about this problem. Using the ballot initiative process, we should put a question on our state's ballots to let voters vote to have a moratorium on Geo-Engineering. We should call for full exposure as to what they have sprayed, and call for justice, to prosecute those who are making attacks on human rights.

Be a part of Activism Truth, spread the word and join our FORUM and user groups so you can network with others in your state to get a ballot initiative filed. All it takes is concerns and a small lifestyle change, to get out in your neighborhoods and collect some signatures.

Protesting is a great because you get to meet people, talk about the issues, and make a show to hopefully get the media to cover the protest as an outreach strategy.  Protesting is a natural first response to the tyranny in government. However, getting signatures on legitimate ballot initiative petitions will let more people know through their ballot guides, and vote for direct change. A Geo Engineering Moratorium Ballot Initiative would be the next best step that will create direct results. Join the Solution!


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