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The Right to Gardening

on Saturday, 24 August 2013. Posted in GMO Foods

Gardening is Under Attack

The USDA and Local Governments are attacking peoples right to grow vegetables. Government is blatantly attacking the food freedom to grow vegetables, to sell vegetables, and to be self sufficient. They want you to be dependent on their system. Tyranny is upon us as they flush the economy with federal reserve notes to finance mega farms to plant GMO foods, and they attack peoples rights to grow their own food on their own.

With so much garbage added to our food that is approved by the FDA, it is imperative that we simply do not comply, to survive. The health problems in this country are increasing and it has everything to do with the legal pollutants and toxins that big business adds to the environment in their drive to create profits for their stockholders. However, the simple act of growing your own vegetables is under attack.

A disabled mother on government assistance taught her 4 year old daughter to be sustainable, and the USDA is cracking down. This is not a new trend however, the Government is invested in Big Agro, GMO foods and welfare dependency, they are putting out a full attack on food freedom to ensure money keeps flowing in to their corporate cronies. Did you hear about Jule Bass in Michigan? She was threatened with 93 days in jail for growing a small organic garden in her yard. "The price of organic food is going through the roof." she said, It only makes sense to grow organic in your yard.

During World War II people were asked to grow "victory gardens" where they would become more self sufficient. Today, things are far different, the government's agenda is to help corporations and so they want you to be dependent.

The militarism around attacking food freedom is unparalleled in history. Monsanto hired Blackwater to spy on GMO activists.Hiring a company to research opposition is a standard business practice, but when biotech company that got started in industry making chemical weapons, and they pay off a private military army to spy on activists, you can tell our problems are getting quite severe.

The government has gone so far as to declare Food Preppers are considered terrorists. In the past, food preparation was a way of life. It's only in modern times that storing food has not been as essential, but only because of how our food supply has been sold out to the highest bidder. Now, with important coming from Mexico and overseas thanks to the NAFTA trade deals set up by Clinton and propagated by Bush and Obama, we have less resources for food in our nation than we did in the great depression. Not only are we facing a financial Armageddon from the Federal Reserve, we are facing a food Armageddon. During the great depression, people had access and rights to make their own gardens, they had seeds and fertile soil. Today, when the economy collapse, stored food and heirloom seeds will be worth more than gold. The government does not approve of you having food and growing food. This is tyranny and bondage to the fascist corporate food system.

Now the Food Bill HR 2749 threatens complete martial law, attacking farmers with authoritarian laws that will would mean a soldier can give you an instant death sentence to anyone transporting food against government orders to restrict the handling of food. The police, highway patrol or military could be the judge, jury and executioner, legally, if you move organic food from your garden to a friends home. Serious talk.

Fortunately, despite these attacks on our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, to desire to grow our own food and buy organic foods. We have solutions available to us. With companies like Blackwater threatening the very lives of those who are involved with sharing information about how GMO foods and government tyranny, violating our first amendment rights, and the lives of those who read this article, we have a serious action we must take to end this disgraceful turn of events. We can not leave this totalitarian system for future generations, we must abolish all the corrupt influences in government and start over. We can't wait for politicians to do this because they are all paid off. The solution is to create a grassroots citizen ballot access system.

Using technology, we can share this information, link up with others, and unite people for a critical mass that can overturn the system. We will use the ballot proposition process. We have several tools available to use. Please review, subscribe to our critical mass action email list, and be a part of humanity's future. We need to start a national movement. We need to reach out to people ourselves and get the job done.

We have tools to stop corruption, and to create more food freedom now. We don't have to wait but for one election cycle, that is if you ACT NOW and JOIN our critical mass here at Activism Truth.

A STATE BANK, would ensure our state funding stops financing big banks that invest in mega corporations overseas, and who invest in NAFTA trade and GMO food producers. A state bank will invest in local economy only, allowing small farmers to get investments and to make a food revolution.

A CITIZEN GRAND JURY, would allow people to sue corrupt companies and governments from attacking our food freedom that is supposed to be protected by the constitution, but has been usurped by bureaucrats and lobbyists.

We can BAN GMO CULTIVATION, to ensure genetic pollution does threaten the ability for organic farmers to grow risk free from contamination.

We can LABEL GMO FOODS, to ensure people know what's in their food, to make smarter health choices, and reduce the cost of healthcare from organ failure and brain damage caused by genetic contamination, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Other solutions are available as well. Please bring your ideas to our


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  • Jeff Heaton

    Jeff Heaton

    04 November 2013 at 21:28 |
    A group in California is fighting back with a law that protects the right of citizens to grow and sell food on a small scale. The text of the proposed law is still in progress. To read about it go to
    It bugs me to no end when people say we need to do away with regulations to help the economy. It totally depends on what regulations they are talking about. Yes we need to reduce regulations that hurt small scale farmers and help huge agribusinesses keep their monopoly. But we need stronger regulations when it comes to keeping the shadow banking system from stealing us blind with inside trading, skimming profits with flash trading, pump and dump schemes and fraudulent transactions.


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