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Directory of VIP Activist Authors

on Wednesday, 21 August 2013. Posted in Authors Portal

Top 7 Reasons for People to Write Blogs for Activism Truth.

It's our duty to stand up for future generations. The way we can consciously notice problems in society that will lead to our absolute destruction, and how we can neglect our required efforts to lift up humanity, is the biggest threat to mankind.

What society needs is representative governance where we have security of the state balanced with security of our individual and collective liberties combined. There needs to be balance. There needs to be harmony between nature and civilization. People that are good communicators need to get involved in working to communicate the urgency of the planets problems, and the solutions we have available to use to solve them.

Activism Truth is recruiting authors, both novice and expert, to participate in building the framework of the future of activism truth.

We are also looking for expert Editors to help make improvements to the current articles and blog posts where there are any improvements to be made that help us in our mission.

The only requirements to qualify to be part of our exclusive team, in order to receive exclusive benefits, is that you have to show you care about others.

There are several guidelines outlined in this blog, along with various benefits including:

1. Exclusive deals to items in our shopping cart. We will be able to provide discount codes so that you can buy items hand selected to offer great prices, great quality, and great integrity for the body, the mind, the spirit, the world, and the environment.

2. Exclusive Author Attribution and custom blog to use our search engine capability to direct people to your favorite links.

3. Opportunity to Monetize from your posts. You can earn points for traffic visited to our site related to purchases and as we grow, and more people find value in our cart items, we will share the financial benefits with our team appropriately.

4. As part of our membership, you get to see the various responses to your blog posts, and when people make extraordinary responses in favor of your article, you can make new friends and use our social networking system to connect with them.

5 Network with people you share common goals with. Help direct people to local organizations working for those goals. Assist in real life local grassroots community building thanks to the advancement of our online social networking systems.

6.Once groups are formed, your past work will manifest it's roll with local groups, inspiring more people to get involved in writing with you or in their own other unique ways, such as creating art, helping gather signatures, fundraising with us for a job or networking in other ways. You can help get people involved in ways they are comfortable, so we can decentralize our organization of supporters ensuring many hands can lift heavy loads. Big societal problems and solutions can be written about, that inspire people to act locally and literally join the critical mass of signature gathers that help in their spare time that will lead member of your community to work with you and the Activism Truth organization to change the world.

7. Assist in Changing Laws. You will help change laws! You can play a role significantly because every blog you create permanently assists Activism Truth projects leading to the eventual organization and production of real grassroots citizen lawmakers ballot propositions. Every time a new organization is launched, we have a major victory because at that point we have physically enables the grassroots societal evolution, where people can collect signatures on ballot propositions they want to vote on, so the people can vote in majority to Save the Republic.

Pick your favorite topic to write about and contact us to become a writer. Any one can participate or simply help with simple posts of news and solutions on our FORUM. Once we see you have some interest in writing about the issues we currently cover, we will review your submissions and allow you to choose an author attribution, signifying the beginning of our mutual relationship.

In the end, everybody can make a small difference in the major outcomes. We have to start looking a societies problems from a new perspective. Everyone needs to get their voice heard. Be a writer on our website and watch our site grow to amazing potential.

The world has been waiting for direct democracy solutions.

The world needs to reform government directly and they need to know the

Who, What, Where, Why, and How

Now is your chance to choose to make a small step for yourself

and a

major step for our society.

If you're remotely interested in helping one day, once a week, or even as much as once a month. Please, contact us today and inquire about how we can work together.

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