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Ban GMO Cultivation

on Friday, 02 August 2013. Posted in GMO Foods

Stronger GMO Resistance to Ban Cultivation

Several counties in California have passed local ballot initiatives to ban the cultivation of GMO foods. Trinity, Santa Cruz, Mendicino County and Marin County. Trinity and Santa Cruz passed ordinances because of support from activists and pressure on local representatives. Marin and Mendicio used the ballot initiative process and won the right to ban by about a 10% margin in each case.

The labeling of GMO foods often causes concern among people that feel labeling is not enough. The banning of GMO foods is ideally the best defense against the toxic genetic pollution that can cause sterile seeds thanks to what is known as the "terminator gene". 

As of today, many countries have banned GMO foods for good reason. The terminator genes have been shown to cross pollinate and spread even to different species. This literally threatens the genetic chain of all life on earth. Genetic pollution is one of the greatest threats to all live on Earth because it can leave species sterile and cause mass extinction. Today, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, France, Madeira, India, Peru and Thailand all have measures in place to restrict GMO foods from being grown in their countries.

A GMO salmon was introduced and if released into the wild, it could cause a mass extinction of all salmon basically after just six generations due to the sterilization effect. 

Efforts are being taken all over the nation to tackle the GMO food issue. It starts with simple boycott but it must be addressed directly with legislation using citizen ballot proposals. Otherwise, the government will keep letting this garbage in peoples food and their ecological and direct health threats will continue to get worse.

There are many problems affecting us and the solutions start with citizens taking a role in assisting ballot propositions like to Ban GMO cultivation. Furthermore, we need policy that ends the corrupt trade practices where importing food has become the priority of our government, rather than assisting in local sustainability by ensuring we have our own resources for food right in our backyards.

Foods become nutrient deficient from applications of pesticide, herbicide and fungicides. This leads malnutrition and preventable organ failure illnesses in vegetarians and meat eaters as well. Just because GMO companies might add vitamin A for example, the killing of essentials like B-12 by the chemical spray applications is detrimental to the health of the soil, and the health of our bodies in return.

 People need to become independent and grow their own foods. We need policy to ensure our government invests in local farmers who grow organic. In the future, when resources for organic vegetables and fruit are abundant, we could perhaps see other legislation to ban pesticide, herbicide and fungicide that harms the environment and our health.

First we have to set the example. Start a small garden today and reap the rewards of organic foods. The knowledge about how to cultivate organics is one of the most important sciences known to man. Get involved and join local meet up groups for organic cooking and gardening. Stop supporting GMO's and boycott all processed foods that contain them. Do your research, and become an activist. Help the mission of Activism Truth to promote the Ban GMO cultivation measure. We can save the world but it starts local. Be a hero in your community by making the difference. Do it for yourself, and for the future. The human race depends on you making a difference.

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  • richard friedberg

    richard friedberg

    20 August 2013 at 16:16 |
    YES! Governor John Kitzhaber signs into law a bill banning commercial production of canola in the Willamette Valley protecting Oregon's $50 million dollar organic and non-GMO seed industry!!


    • Nicolas Guillermo

      Nicolas Guillermo

      23 August 2013 at 13:37 |
      Laws can be passed by the legislature, or the people by citizens initiative. It's time the people become the lawmakers!


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