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Arizona Republicans Attack Voting Rights

on Friday, 02 August 2013. Posted in Arizona Referenda, Campaign News, E-Democracy

HB 2305 Attacks Voting Rights

As of Arizona's First Session this year in 2013, Jan Brewer signed HB 2305 which increased the signature requirement for all citizen propositions.

Referendum on HB 2305 - AZ
Earlier in the year she and McCain were threatened with Recall petitions, perhaps they want to make it harder to keep them out of office to serve their best interests, while simultaneously subverting our constitutional rights to petition the government for grievances, by making it harder to qualify our petitions.
Now, third parties are kicked off the ballot. You have to vote on voting day, there is no more early voting. Only 86,405 valid signatures are needed to qualify this for the ballot.
Libertarians, Greens, Independents and Democrats are most offended because this law destroys peoples ballot access rights, it makes it harder to get other candidates on the ballot for all parties, even Republicans. This is an outright assault on the constitutional checks and balances that the governments power is derived from, "we the people."
Right now a signature drive is underway. Funding has come together through a Julie Erfle from Phoenix.
The goal is to just allow voters to put things back to the way they were. The new restrictions HB 2305 creates are numerous and it is a blatant attack on direct democracy rights, to disgusting, the people of Arizona to do everything they can to help organize enough people for Recall efforts, to kick out everyone who voted on it and put initiatives on the ballot to seriously protect and use preemptive petitioning actions to ensure our ballot proposition rights are secure.
Regardless of how high they set the signature amount, regardless if they make more restrictions. The goal of Activism Truth is to ensure a sophisticated method of getting citizen ballot access is acquired. Join us in our efforts to protect the initiative process with the HB 2305 Referendum petition, and then vote to veto their law. We must vote YES on the Referendum to ensure the people win. Furthermore, we must put other initiatives on the ballot to strengthen the process such as the Protect the Initiative Act other legislation to ensure stronger ballot access rights.
Right now, the Green Party that has a presence in PIMA county is probably the most likely third party to get ballot access under the new restrictions. People are encouraged to register Green and help register others to get them permanent ballot access. Unlike collecting signatures for ballot access, voter registrations allow for ballot access year after year. Most third parties are going to have a hard time getting on the ballots in their counties under the new restrictions.
Perhaps it's time for a unified third party to come together to help ensure a united anti-corporate, anti-war vote like the good progressive libertarian independents support. A new populist party should emerge. Activism Truth has been working towards building a website page and providing info about the concept for E-Democracy candidates. When this trend catches on, the people will ensure their voices are heard.
In short, the E-Democracy Candidate would run on a platform of supporting the decisions of the people of his or her E-Democracy polling platform, rather than adhering to strict ideologies. A people candidate must be able to listen and learn, a E-Democracy candidate is anti-ideology and pro-direct democracy. The E-Democracy candidates will also promote the Activism Truth program and the Ballot Initiative Process with the goal of organizing support for their campaign and the Activism Truth project to ensure future victories.
Make your voice be heard. Contact us today if you live in Arizona and you want to sign the Referendum on HB 2305. Join Us.

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