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Revolution or Evolution Part 5

on Sunday, 28 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Spread the Word about Activism Truth

What are we waiting for!? If you know just 3 people who care about the world and will listen, and they know 3 others and tell 3 more to do the same. Through our diligence, we can be victorious over public apathy to act against government corruption, in favor of solutions.

I have for many years collected millions of signatures and have awakened people to the power of grassroots lobbying and ballot initiatives. We should ALL be able to tell 3 more this week. If we stay in contact with everyone, we can be sure, that even though we all have our little hang ups that keep up from being the best we can be, we can, with determination, win this intellectual battle with our own lack of direct action. If every week 3 people could get 3 more, we could reach millions in just a few months. Imagine the duplication effect and how we could reach millions and create true permanent ballot access in one or more states this year. Before the 2012 election, if we really wanted to, we could send a message to D.C. and remind the leaders that this is a great year of change, but it won’t be ended by who get’s in office, it will be determined by the minds of the many who know this answer. No matter who is in office, we can always fall back on our networks to kick them out with a recall. Democrats and Republicans are attacking direct democracy, working to end citizen power. They want to be the only ones with power to change law, so they are pushing bills to hinder our current possibilities right now! It is obvious that they are liars because they talk about how horrible the other party is all the time, but they never file recalls for you to kick them out of office. If one party did it, the other would too, and voters would kick all of them out of office! They don’t file initiatives to bypass the other party, because they are not in the business of empowering you, they are in the business of lying and hooking up globalist corporation for monetary gains. When you help bring people the Truth and Activism Truth, we can end corruption completely. If not this what? If not now, when?

Remember these important points. Only citizen Initiatives, Referendum, Recalls, Nominations and Citizen Grand Jury have the power as legal process to non-violently return power to the people from the kleptocratic elite. Only non-violent solutions can win in this age of enlightenment and power. We live at a time when the corrupt governments have more power to kill than ever before, but people have more power to access knowledge and wisdom than ever before as well. By assisting in spreading the word about Activism Truth you are leading the revolution, or the evolution we should say. Where we take responsibility for our world and our future and directly work to influence the public through reason and counter information to the corporatist propaganda machine. Propaganda is the weapon they use against us, so it's time we fight the "info war" and wake up the people to our latent power to transform our world to a paradise on earth. It all starts with you. Ask yourself, "What can I do to help change the laws and replace the corrupt rulers with intelligent freedom activists?"

You can make a major difference in the world, you can help change the paradigm of governance. Direct Democracy is a form of checks and balances that can restore the constitutional rights we need in this age of corruption and greed. Join us, our world will never be change without you. This is a campaign that will win, all we need is strength in numbers for peace, justice, freedom and liberty. We need people to participate in governance, and to unite for direct action. The ballot initiative process offers a solution and Activism Truth is working to shape the model for the USA to make our evolution possible.

Thank you for your time and understanding. Now get involved and blog, participate in our forums here, and comment to help search engines update our relevance on the search results online. If you and others just take action now, everything can change in one election. We can save the world.

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