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Revolution or Evolution Part 4

on Monday, 29 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

United for Ballot Initiatives

Initiatives can be created from our combined networking and outreach capabilities. This process of empowering you to become a stronger activist will be directed by Activism Truth. 

Our goal is to open discussion about what other crucial initiatives we should qualify when we reach our critical mass of about 1% of the voters. We are not conservatives, we are not liberals, we are Americans. We will end political party domination by being individuals who vote on issue specific agenda and the most popular third party candidates we all together can find consensus on to beat the plutocrat globalists. It’s not left vs. right, its “We the People,” vs corruption in the government. Greens, Independents, Libertarians, this is your calling. If you’re a democrat or republican, consider being open to deep politics and leave your back stabbing, compromising party with the past. Our organization will be a 21st century solution to end tyranny, by using limited direct democracy to save the republic.

George Washington said “With Initiative and Referenda, there is no need for constitutional conventions”. He said this before any states had initiative rights in this country. This is one piece of evidence that founders knew, that even though they signed a deal with the devil to get support from the slave owners to fight the British, the people would rise and create a more free republic for ALL people, using limited direct democracy. The power of government comes from the consent of the governed. Together, we can manifest freedom by working for it. Join the activist army to promote the only activism that gets direct results and empowers voters to be the change we wish to see in the world. Activism Truth sharing a dynamic way of getting people power results and no other organization is taking this challenge with activist training for this goal like we are. Let us empower you, and we will decentralize the revolution so YOU become the key to unlocking the chains of debt and bondage of corrupt government institutions. YOU are the one we are  waiting for.

 Technology allows for Cell phones, emails, blogs, forums, and alternative media to be the building blocks of the 21st century democracy. Activism Truth will legitimize itself because of the work towards permanent ballot access with your assistance.  By networking with others and talking about this solution, we will connect initiative proponents for causes you support with yourself and other potential petition signers. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, when you choose, what petitions, we should all sign with us. This way, when we have 100% consensus, from all of us, as to what the top important initiatives to support are, we will put the very campaigns that we need to save this nation into the main stream consciousness by getting them on the ballot and being able to have them read in every voter book before the election.

We need to end wars, end environmental destruction, end poverty and end corruption in government permanently for a new age is peace globally. Peace and prosperity will occur with lovers of liberty and freedom are no longer passive, waiting for politicians to change the laws to stop corruption for us. I am Nicolas Guillermo have had 3+ years experience training door to door canvassing organizations how to become successful at fundraising and organizing for lobbying. I have 7+ years in the clandestine ballot initiative industry, helping to collect signatures on petitions to be put on the ballot, and training others to do the same. By combining the long term intention of lobbying groups, with the direct results of ballot access, we plan to help lead the way in creating a new type of national grassroots direct democracy. We will work to partner with as many groups who wish to create direct democracy, so we can cross promote each others initiatives and be stronger together, instead of working alone. Because we all care about more than just one issue, and a petition signer can sign more than one petition at a time, we could put 10 – 20 even 30 grassroots initiatives and statute changes on the ballot, with recalls and nominations right off from the first chance we get a ballot access network of supporters for permanent ballot access. Switzerland is the only country in the world that has national direct democracy balanced with a constitutional republic. They have a greater standard of living, wealth and abundance. Their experiment in combining limited direct democracy and constitutional republic system of government is a success. Activism Truth is going to learn from what worked in history and apply it in the modern age with technology, in a time when we need democracy because more than the majority of the people have seen enough corruption and are ready to sign petitions and vote for solutions. When we revolutionize one municipality, or one state, this will send shock waves around the world, and right away lead the way for other states to lobby successfully for ballot access rights. All we need to do is set the perfect program into place in one city correctly, and watch national revolution happen in no time. This is a personal revolution, an evolution, in how we think and how we participate in government. We will manifest the results we wish to see for all peoples benefit when you join us and make it happen with your support.

With permanent ballot access, 1% or less of the voters can use the process to wake up all voters with amazing solutions, and let them vote for direct change on voting day. We have two options, wait for the legislature, or do it ourselves. Through our acquiescence of not getting involved, we become part of the problem, watching things get worse, and not taking responsibility the consequences. The funny thing is, the solution has always been right in front of us. Even without technology we could do this, just by talking with our neighbors about the facts of government. Denial is comforting for a while, but unless we look deeper into politics and search for the root cause of the problems, the solutions will never be apparent. Knowing more about the solutions mentioned here, talking with others about them, and signing ballot initiatives, is very simple. Activism Truth provides guidance and training to help people teach them to learn how to best accomplish this goal with us. Rest assured, out of 100 people I speak with more than 10% get the solution and are willing to sign important petitions, our goal of getting 1% is possible but I can’t do it alone. To decentralize this revolution, help get a few people, who also help get a few more themselves, who will also proceed to get more and more. We can win this war on corruption and to help speed up the process, Activism Truth is working to provide opportunities to activist minded people to earn money doing the door to door fundraising, organizing their community and getting people involved.

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