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Revolution or Evolution Part 3

on Tuesday, 30 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Using the Ballot Initiative Process

Using the ballot initiative process, citizens can bring about a public vote on a proposed statue or constitutional amendment.

This process costs hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per campaign because of the restriction the legislature puts on signature drives signature submission time requirements. A petitions are circulated by a volunteer known as a petition circulator, collecting signatures on the document known as a plebiscite. Signatures are verified, to find out if the person who signed was in fact a resisted voter or not, by a petition drive company’s coordinator, coordinators are regional officers who work for the contractor. The contractor is hired by the proponent of the initiative. The proponent of the ballot measure, who turns them to the state elections office, is the creator of the political action committee that drafts initiative with the assistance of lawyers who specialize in constitutional law. These lawyers draft initiatives in the same fashion, legislatures draft laws. The only difference is one law is passed by majority vote of the people, and the other is passed by the majority vote of the legislature.

Both systems utilize a popular vote, a democratic system. One system of law, the republic, is where the elites, who people elect, make the choice because many of the people think they are better at making choices for us, than ourselves. The other method described here using limited direct democracy, is where the people trust ourselves more than the corrupt legislature and create law change directly by a popular vote on voting day. Who do you think knows best about how government should serve the people, the elites or “we the people.” If you think the people know best, or will be able to know best from education, you are in support of a form of direct democracy. If you believe in the constitutional republic, and you want to see it change from this artificial, corporate “De Facto” government to a “Dejure” form of government serving the people. You should be able to understand how a few precise pieces of legislation, can end corruption in government and a return legitimate Republic back to the people who take responsibility for it. We must realize that we cannot leave the most important legislation to regulate the legislature, up the legislature, as a self regulating system.  We have to save the republic with direct democracy, and regulate the republic, when it fails to do so and becomes this plutocratic system for and by the elites.

Every aspect of the current signature drive system can be replaced because of citizen power and the internet. This way we don’t have to wait for initiatives to qualify because of a lack of funds to pay all the people who oversee signature collection activities. We will not need contractors, coordinators and expensive signature drives to qualify ballot initiatives if enough people participate in the process ourselves. We can do it ourselves with the internet and solidarity in the common cause, for permanent ballot access. We can reduce the costs of ballot access, by having strength in our numbers.  The more people who join us that will sign petitions, the less political action committee groups will have to pay people to collect them. There will be no need for creating million dollar fundraisers for a ballot initiative industry process, if we just take back the process ourselves.  Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. The process of creating “Permanent Ballot Access” is all about reaching our critical mass of petition signing voters. We are only looking for 5% of the registered voters to join the Activism Truth network of supporters in order to have permanent ballot access. At this point, no one has to volunteer to do a thing but sign their own petitions. This will eliminate the cost of funding the signature drives or verification costs for all future ballot access plans. We the people will have a cooperative petitioning company, made up entirely of ourselves. Permanent Ballot Access will redefine the term “citizenry.”. Qualifying any of the five types of ballot measures requires less than 5% of the voters in a given area to sign petitions. Even if less than 1% had solidarity for permanent ballot access, and would at least collect a few signatures each, “We the People,” can establish a citizenry with legitimate checks and balance powers. This process can reform America from the De Facto, top down governance, to a De Jure, grassroots up system. We must have solidarity with the common goal and willingness to learn how to talk effectively with others and get their support as well. Professional training and assistance is provided by the Activism Truth organization.

Let’s consider forming permanent ballot access and kick out every globalist puppet working for international corporations rather than the benefit of the people. By becoming the grassroots of the Permanent Ballot Access Network, you help create the ability to do so as the ultimate contingency plan against corrupt government. Even a constitutional convention cannot guarantee the results permanent ballot access can create for the people.

Iceland recently nullified their debt to the international bankers by the means of a public referendum. The State of North Dakota created a non-profit State Bank by ballot initiative and it is sovereign from the Federal Reserve, it’s economy is booming while every other state is going bust. Think about this deeply, we can end money problems by creating sovereign monetary systems, not based on debt to private banks, just like North Dakota and Iceland. Cannabis was decriminalized for medical and recreational use because of the ballot initiative process. Elections in some  states like California and Florida, now have more integrity because the citizens banned politicians from rigging the voting district lines ( Gerrymandering ) to have super majority of their party in their districts. Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) is used around the world and in many states. Third party candidates can run and not be spoiler votes to the plutocratic duopoly of the Republicans and Democrats. Initiatives have been filed to stop tax increases; in fact, the majority of grassroots ballot initiatives are to stop taxes, because they affect the low income people the most, and we are the majority so we win at the ballot. Initiatives have been filed to legalize industrial Hemp, to End Fluoridation of the water and to label GMO foods, to Ban Fracking and to have a new  9-11 Investigation. We can even get behind initiatives to Stop Corporate Personhood or to end the Bar Association Corruption.

To be continued...

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