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Revolution or Evolution Part 2

on Wednesday, 31 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Five Important Activism Solutions

There are five types of ballot measures, they are: Initiatives, Referendums, Recalls, Nominations and Citizen Grand Jury.

Ballot measures, also known as ballot initiatives and referendums (I&R), provide citizens the opportunity to discuss and vote on policy issues at the local and state level. Using the I&R process, 24 states’ citizens, can bring an issue to a public vote by gathering a per-determined number of signatures from registered voters. States that do not have I&R can create it, utilizing lobbying power of the citizens to influence the representatives. Some common names for ballot measures include initiatives and referenda, initiative, referendum, voter initiatives, propositions, citizen initiatives.

The original Progressive movement, before the Democratic Party adopted the title, created ballot access in the early 1900’s, by lobbying and demonstrating to their representatives that they deserve the right to more direct democracy processes. This movement was started by a Non-Partisan League, a legal Political Action Committee of citizens from all walks of life and demographics. Direct Democracy was viewed not as an Ideology it self, but a principle of Freedom, to have the choice to having a legal system of checks and balances to control any chance of a rouge government in the future. Not all states where born with direct democracy rights, people had to stand up and contact their representatives, they marched, the picketed, the protested and demonstrated. This proves that the states that don’t have it, can learn from other states success. Permanent Ballot Access is a project to pick up the next stage of activism, organizing voters, from where the progressive era movement that began I&R in America, left off, embracing progressive libertarian egalitarian concepts. Now, we can utilize technology, and create a 21st century evolution in how people create smart direct democracy that truly is for and by the people. Instead of relying on the legislature to make all of the laws, citizens can use the ballot Initiative process to implement laws on their own to stop corruption in government.

A Referendum places a law that has already been passed by the legislature to a popular vote, allowing citizens to reject it if they want. Can you think of any laws or statutes that the majority of the citizens would probably do away with for all of our benefit?

A Recall is a process in which an elected official can be removed from office by the voters before his or her term expires. Similar to other measures, a specified number or percentage of signatures is required for a recall election. Do you have a politician who represents you in your local municipality, state or D.C. who you want to kick out of office?

A Nomination is a process where citizens put their own candidates on the ballot that the political parties do not endorse. This process is crucial for saving the Republic. We need non-corporatist candidates who do not give up principles for any “party” collectivism. Those who understand what freedom and liberty really mean will be our choice candidates to promote. We will work for candidates of the “I decline to join a party” party, and the "online voter consensus part" for example instead of the It would be far better if the politicians we elected where truly grassroots candidates. We can pass simple reforms to end the whole spoiler vote principle that the right and left corporate duopoly use to keep corruption in government and corporations in control. Permanent Ballot Access working with Independents, Greens and Libertarians, will help us get the most important initiative on the ballot called Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). IRV allows third party candidates to run without risking a spoiler vote effect. Who would the people likely chose, a candidate who supports direct democracy and is a constitutionalists, or one who just wants you to put them in office to take care of everything, who doesn’t want you to have the ability to recall them if they are corrupt. I think the people are interested in being in power because the government is out of hand. You know we need statesmen representatives, not professional corporate politicians of the democratic and republican party. The republicans don’t respect liberty, freedom and law, the democrats don’t respect democracy. They are part of a system of psychological dominance that was created by the British from an organization called the Fabian society. They funded socialists and communist massacres and they designed the left/right paradigm systems to psychologically control fake democracies worldwide. The whole purpose of creating controlled opposition is in the effort to fool people into thinking they have a choice, and giving them an illusion of democracy so they feel they have just enough freedom, they don’t revolt. The result is that 98% of the world is in debt to self-serving private bankers who are all part of a global conspiracy that was set in motion by the Rothschild bankers and continued to this day by international banking cartels. The plan is to impose usury, to create artificial power and unlimited wealth for the few, in order to bring together a single world banking system, and eventually a single world authoritarian government. It’s time we expose the banking conspiracy against a free humanity, the Fabian society’s system of controlled opposition, and focus on solutions to their problems at the same time. We need to put our own peoples candidates on the ballot and take back the Republic.

The Citizen Grand Jury is a process where the people can collect a certain number of signatures to propose a question on the ballot regarding if the state should call for a unique litigation. This action could be used to have take a politician, public official or corporation to court for example, ensuring the people can have oversight into the regulation of the court process itself to ensure justice. This is the least utilized or understood process at this point but certainly as Activism Truth as an organization grows, we will investigate the proper use of this method of citizen checks and balances.

To be continued...

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