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Revolution or Evolution Part 1

on Thursday, 01 August 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Evolve Society and End Corruption in Government

America is NOT a pure Democracy or a pure Republic. We do have democratic rights that could be used to save concept of the "Republic for which it stands" in this country if we used them.

We are designed to be a Constitutional Republic, but with the corruption in the courts and government, that is debatable. We are more or less a plutocracy, a government run by corporations, in turn run by private bankers under the Federal Reserve, who seek to profit from our productivity for their own self interests. Rather than a nation run “for and by the people,” our nation is run by an inner circle of greedy sociopaths.

A hint of the proof about our problems is in our national debt, endless war, corporate welfare, banker bailouts, and the increasing attack on our personal liberty. It’s not our fault for not knowing how to turn this around, but when given the information needed to turn it around, to not act would only ensure further degradation of our rights, destruction of the middle class, endless foreign wars and an self-imploding police state. You get to choose what your roll in the solution is. I like many patriots who love what this country’s principles, am frustrated and angered with direction our nation is going.  We have a corporate controlled media, a propaganda ridden education system, a broken healthcare system, a military industrial complex that seeks endless war, suicidal foreign trade, chemical poisoning of the air, food and water and the list of seemingly impossible to fix problems goes on.

However, there is an answer. We have so much potential to build a truly amazing futuristic world with thriving local economies, progressive urban environments, food, shelter, clothing for all people, clean air and water, protected environments and more. The potential is unlimited. Our nation is under siege by private bankers and corporate thugs who use politician as tools to get all money and power they desire. The solution is to end their control, taking back local and state governments and courts, for and by the people. This required increasing our democracy, and this requires your participation. In the words of the great philosopher Cicero, “Freedom is participation  in Power.” When Ben Franklin was asked what kind of country he and the other founders created he said “ A Republic, if we can keep it.”

I suggest that there is no time to wait; we must participate to save the Republic, utilizing true direct democracy. This is a new concept to empower voters to become a legitimate 4th system of checks and balances against corruption in government. The solution is relatively simple, and has been available to us for decades, yet no one organization has attempted to disclose the solution and encourage you to get involved in it, until now.  Rather than wait for politicians to solve the problems, we can solve problems ourselves. I call this solution “permanent ballot access,” and the organization created to promote it is called “Activism Truth.” In order to end corruption, a new approach to create the solutions that has never been utilized must be attempted. This message is designed to educate you and drive you to act in your community, to create solutions that are not speculative and will empower the people to make direct change.

Permanent Ballot Access is defined by the Activism Truth project as a critical mass of concerned citizens, organized effectively, to put quality ballot measures in front of the voters, so we can use voting power to turn them into law. A ballot measure is an extra question on the voters ballots that asks voters if they want to approve a new law change. When the citizens of this country participate in helping put our own most crucial initiatives in front of voters, then the rest of the voters in our state can vote yes on them. When over half vote in favor of them, those initiatives become the new law of the land. We also have the right to end bad laws, recall officials, put third party, non-corporate candidates on the ballot, and  in 5 states people can create citizen grand jury’s to take corporations or government itself to court for fair and honest trial on matter of corruption or conspiracy.

In the next few paragraphs you will learn what vocabulary is necessary for you to speak to others about direct solutions that rely on the people, not the politicians. Second, you will learn about the dynamic solutions to save this country. At the end you will learn the strategy and we will close with some facts to give you confidence that the reading of this article and acting on its message, will lead this country to greater freedom and liberty than ever thought possible by many.

The act of putting decisions on the ballot, for voters to decide, is called Ballot Access. This process is available in 24 states and many cities across the nation. The only country that uses it as a practice in balance with a constitutional republic is Switzerland and they have a much higher standard of living. We can learn from them and trust that because it works for the Swiss, it will work for Americans. The country of Iceland is beginning to embrace citizen power as well. They used one form of direct democracy called a referendum to deny future loans from the IMF and they agreed to arrest the bankers that put them into artificial debt and austerity. They used a direct citizen vote to decide how to handle their debt crisis, proving freedom is popular.

To be continued...

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