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Hemp Can Save The World!

on Saturday, 27 July 2013. Posted in Campaign News, Hemp

Hemp Initiatives 2014

Activism Truth will connect many ballot initiative organizations and help all the groups benefit by working together. Many groups are forming around the nation for the same cause, if they can work together, strategize and share information, they will all be better prepared for the struggle ahead. 

Activism Truth is the truth about activism. The ballot initiative process is the only way the people ourselves are a legitimate 4th system of checks and balances. When we combine forces, we complete our together!

Retired DEA, Cops, Judges and Law Enforcement have come out against prohibition. The organization L.E.A.P., Law Enforcement Against Prohibition have explained why the whole idea is based on lies, deception and ignorance.

Safer Arizona is new group seeking ballot access for a legalization initiative in Arizona for the 2014 election. Their legislation is about Industrial HEMP and MEDICINE. This threat against the people of the planet, that hemp could be illegal, is a greatest threat to our life on the planet! It is such a biologically diverse and industrially diverse species of weed. It can have so many deep economic and health benefits. The beginning of the legalization of marijuana is not just about recreational use as many believe. Hemp is a save all, for the entire planet. Decades ago it started with Jack Herer in California, and now the Hemp and Health Initiative is carrying on his legacy, and many others groups like Safer Arizona and P.U.F.F.M. are working for citizen ballot initiatives.

Billions of dollars could be generated in a new "green" Arizona. Rather than rely on fossil fuels or international corporations to supply us with plastics that leach PBA and other carcinogenic toxins into our environment that lead to cancers, we can use hemp. Hemp is a clean organic weed that has a resin. This resin can be used for plastics and oil. We can replace all oil based products with the hemp plant. This could start an industrial mini-revolution where people in Arizona drive bio-diesel cars, using biodegradable hemp oil. The air is cleaner with hemp as it offsets 5 times the Co2 and delivers equivalent pure clean oxygen, thus reducing the smog and our lungs exposure to other more harmful particulates caused by petroleum products. We can even make new HEMP CARS! Hemp is a bioremediator and would clean up toxic waste areas naturally over years, and produce some other types of industrial products at the same time.  We can replace all plastic from companies like Dow Chemical and Dupont and who create super funds sites and destroy communities like Cancer Alley. We can replace the clear cutting of forests and the artificial GMO Cotton fields with hemp. We could make Hempcrete that is the strongest material in the world for construction. It was at one time mandatory for farmers to grow Hemp to Defeat the Nazis! Yes, it was used for sails and ropes and the soldiers uniforms! We need a Hemp for Victory in the new millennium! Cannabis has been used in Religious Ceremonies from around the world at since the dawn of time. We can cure reverse cancer and many other diseases with Phoenix Tears the cannabinoid compound strait from the flower of tree and health, Cannabis! 

Now is the  time. Join Activism Truth and get a project stated in your state for the 2014 and 2016 Ballots!

Support Activism Truth while helping yourself by getting superior nutritional support from hemp supplementation. Buy your hemp protein, anti-oxidants, omegas, nutrients, minerals and fiber HERE.

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  • richard friedberg

    richard friedberg

    20 August 2013 at 17:14 |
    This is my rough draft I am sure it can use some refinement
    The Cannabis Bill Of Rights
    Mankind did fine for thousands of years with no laws over cannabis. To restore some of our previous freedoms, this initiative brings some common sense back from the war on drugs.
    1. Individuals are free to posses and grow any quantity of cannabis.
    2. The government does not have access to individual medical records and the drugs you take, other than medical cannabis in the state of Arizona, The will not have those rights for cannabis.
    3. The state cannot impose and violate your right to privacy and require camera monitoring of cannabis dispensaries and grow facilities, unless the owner operator agrees to it.
    4. For cannabis to be considered for medical uses it shall have a thc content of ­­__% and a cannabidiol content of %__ and be labeled with the percentages of its medicinal properties.
    5. It will be legal to extract essential oils from cannabis and make lotions, potions and edibles.
    6. Just like alcohol and cigarettes are legal for adults to be consumed in public, so shall cannabis be. Any establishment that has a liquor license, if they so chose, can have a cannabis smoking area for adults.
    7. Being in possession of cannabis, does not mean you give up your second amendments rights, all local and state law enforcement agencies, are to respect citizens rights to be in possession of both firearms and cannabis
    8. With the history of the state leaders trying to overrule the vote of the people It is the job of the governor and attorney general to respect the vote of the people and are to vigorously protect and defend initiatives approved by the voters.


    • Nicolas Guillermo

      Nicolas Guillermo

      20 August 2013 at 19:53 |
      Great comments. We have some tasks ahead of us. Only when we are united for the intention of overturning the corrupt laws and making our own new ones, can we see the legal system change to represent the people. The politicians will not represent us, they are all paid off. Until we create other legislation to stop corruption, we will have an uphil battle. We win small battles sometimes, but corruption persists and attacks in other ways. Stay vigilant!


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