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Scorpion Cabbage Alert

on Tuesday, 23 July 2013. Posted in GMO Foods

Cabbage with Scorpion Neurotoxin is OK for your health says Monsanto.

Scorpion Cabbage Alert

I’m sure some of those brainwashed by Monsanto are probably thinking, “hey, maybe that cabbage will make me more resistant to scorpion stings”, but this is just wishful thinking. My husband was just recently stung by a scorpion on his toe and the venom was strong enough to bring pain and numbness for a full 48 hours. Scorpion venom is one of the most powerful neurotoxic venoms on the planet with some species being able to kill a human being.  I don’t know about you but eating cabbage with any part of this neurotoxic chemical compound in every bite does not sound healthy at all and like the rest of Monsanto’s genetically altered, mutated, non-food, it more than likely will cause digestive disorders, allergies, weakened immune response, cancerous tumors and by the time our grandchildren grow up, they will more than likely be sterile, essentially ending our  family lines. The reason you may not know about these side effects is because Monsanto spends millions of dollars every year buying off the heads of the FDA, EPA and the Department of Agriculture and most of those corrupted individuals have been employed by Monsanto in the past or will be in the future in this revolving door of corrupt politics where lobbying is just another word for bribery. Therefore,  the amount of biased and botched experiments on the long term effects of GMO’s on humans and animals has been numerous (they did tests for this frankencabbage on cancerous breast tissue cells!?!) while the unbiased, scientific  experiments taking place in England, France and other countries have been largely suppressed.
            In fact, 20 other nations have banned or required labeling of GMO’s and its time we here in America wake up to the fact that we have a right to know what’s in our food, for our health and our children’s health. Not to mention the very important recent reports of GM corn in the Midwest not producing very well and needing more and more herbicides and pesticides to prevent the Round-Up Ready resistant insects and worms from eating it. (Looks like Monsanto gets rich either way.) We are in danger of wiping out the bees, bats and all organic, heirloom, food on this planet in one generation if we don’t act now. What Monsanto is doing to the planet, to the farmers and to consumers is a crime and they will eventually reap what they sow.  I just pray that the rest of us won’t have to reap it with them but through our silence, ignorance and apathy we will. The time is now to act and the best way to do that is to use your money as your voice and boycott GM food. A great resource to do that can be found at this website Also use the power of your vote to voice your concerns, has a petition circulating right now to get mandatory labeling of GMO’s in the State of Arizona. Contact them to get a petition form and have 15 of your family and friends who are registered to vote in this State sign it. Spread the word about the petition and get everyone you know to tell their friends and family so we can get enough signatures to bring it to the ballot in 2014 and through the power of your dollar, your vote and your voice we will bring the power back into the hands of the people instead of giving it to this large multinational corporation that has only their own best interests in mind, not ours.

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