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Membership Overview

on Friday, 15 August 2014. Posted in Membership Usage

Democratic checks and balances start with quorum e-democracy.

When you join the Activism Truth forum and participate by sharing your opinion on important topics you care about, you are helping to shape the future of the United States and the world.

Our website is based on ballot propositions that give the power back to the people. Links to blogs that give you facts will help you decide whether to support or oppose them. Forum posts are used to create our blog content. Quorums take place within our forums to debate and structure the top arguments in support of initiative which members are taking a task to create. 

Even when people have arguments against initiatives, the initiative groups will not cease to function. Augments against sources which the supporting proponents have provided in favor of them, will only aid in either refining the message or eliminating any counter productive criticism so that supporters can continue with their chosen task at hand. Augments both for and against issues must include valid references or they will not be accepted in the quorums. 

The goal of our quorums is to ensure the strongest debate material is available for all members to learn from, so we can be stronger when talking with people about our issues in our communities. This will help with campaign outreach activities. Our forum isn't just a place for online talk, it's an intentional communication tool to aid with local campaigns. 

As a member of Activism Truth, you will be able to participate in our online voting and polls and tell us which of the ballot initiatives you would like to support as a priority. As a member you can write blogs providing evidence in support of your initiative of choice, and why it should be ranked at the top of our member’s initiative priority lists. Choices contributed by all supporting members are taken into account and everyone has a voice on creating initiative pages that shape both international opinion on issues, national opinion and regional opinion where you can get involved with us in creating ballot proposals.

As a member of Activism Truth, you will be able to connect with other members from your state, creating teams of people who can participate in organizing fundraising events, helping with signature collection drives, and developing press releases on the initiatives you care about. The goal of all members will be to get their ballot propositions on the ballot as soon as possible and to affect election results from the local to the national level.

Join Activism Truth today, to be part of the nations first cloud based, direct democracy, citizen activism cooperative. We are fully equipped with advanced digital tools for e-democracy and strategic online networking to reach the critical mass of people needed to qualify ballot propositions effortlessly. Join us, share with others and learn more about the issues yourself.

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    Nicolas Guillermo

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