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Save the Bees

on Saturday, 19 July 2014. Posted in GMO Foods

Save the Bees or Humanity will Die.

Save the Bees

Bees are required to pollinate our fruit and vegetables. They have a symbiotic relationship that has resulted in our ability to survive as a species on the planet earth. Our species relies on bees to ensure plants are pollinated and when the bees die, so will man. Einstein is quoted as saying “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

Many journalists have tracked bee die offs all over the world. The New York Times reported statistics of the overall size of the problem. The funny thing about the New York Times is they can get away with telling partial truths in breaking stories, while giving articles deceptive headline. Unless you read the whole article, like most people who just read headlines and think they know what's going on, you will only understand that the bee disaperence is a "mystery." Now the facts are out, it's no mystery, the neonicitinoids are the culprit. 

 1/3 of all bees have been dying every year since colony collapse disorder was discovered in 2005. This number is expected to increase to apocalyptic proportions because the EPA is completely sold out to the interests of the corporations Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta and other neonicotinoid production companies that fund the political campaigns of so many government leaders.

Roundup, the most popular chemical pesticide not only includes deadly glyphosate, it also has neonicotinoids, a neuroactive nicotine like substance that excites the brain and causes brain damage.

Two independent peer reviewed studied prove how neonicotinoids are addictive to mammals brains , just like nicotine and that they diminish intelligence. Neonicotinoids cause brain damage and lower IQ!

The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a peer reviewed study showing the addictive “stimulant” effects of neonicotinoids and their relationship to retardation of brain development.

A peer reviewed Japanese study also revealed the addictive and neurotoxic effects of neonicotinoids on the brain.

The European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) published it’s peer reviewed study on how neonicotinoids are neurotoxic. Two types of neonicotinoids; acetamiprid and imadacloprid were studies and the results should be a huge wake up call to all who had doubts about the hazards of conventional food. 

The EFSA stated in its release:

“The PPR Panel found that acetamiprid and imidacloprid may adversely affect the development of neurons and brain structures associated with functions such as learning and memory. It concluded that some current guidance levels for acceptable exposure to acetamiprid and imidacloprid may not be protective enough to safeguard against developmental neurotoxicity and should be reduced.”

This shows the cheap food eaten by the majority of Americans, is causing a decline in intelligence, making people most susceptible to propaganda and forced drugging against their own interests.

With lots of local organic farming, we could all have low cost healthy naturally organic food, instead of being literately addicted to what is wiping out bees.

Not only do neonicotinoids cause brain damage to us because they are absorbed into our food, they can cause our extinction by killing the bees we rely on to pollinate so many common foods.

6 Peer reviewed studies show Neonicotinoids killing off bees. 

A peer-reviewed Harvard study proves “colony collapse disorder” is linked to neonicotinoids.

The EFSA published its findings on neonicotinoids causing bee die offs which resulted in their complete ban.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) along with the University of Maryland published a peer-reviewed study that linked chemicals, including fungicides, to the large scale die-off of bees that has recently plagued the planet.

Yet the USDA takes no stance on addressing this problem. Where is government accountability?

Journal Nature published a peer reviewed report about how bees are twice as likely to die when exposed to pesticides; two-thirds of the bees are lost when exposed compared to a third when not exposed. The exposed bees are also half as successful in gathering food.

The National Institutes of Health published it’s own peer reviewed study also linking neonicotinoids to bee extermination.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences peer-reviewed study shows neonicotinoids harm bee immunity and promotes viral pathogens.

The reason why there is no accountability is published all over the main stream news. The Organic Consumers Association reports Obama has filled many government positions with the biochemical mega-corporations representatives.

It doesn't take a quantum physicist like Einstein to realize; if we continue to let BIG AGRA run by Monsanto and company, control our national food supply, we could be facing mass extinction sooner than we know it. For this reason, political action is required to stop them, both a combination of boycotting conventional foods and taking action educating others, signing federal petitions, helping local and statewide ballot access groups against GMOs and pesticides.

We have to attack this problem from all angles. To ignore even one aspect could result in an apocalyptic scenario for the United States and other countries where chemical companies control the food supply.

We must boycott all conventional foods. We must grow our own foods and buy Organic only. A critical mass of consumers making lifestyle changes to eat only organic, will improve our health while mass action results in the collapse of the financial influence mega corporations distributing GMOs and pesticides have on our lawmaking.

You can cut costs on more expensive organic foods by buying in key staple foods in bulk with friends and family, joining a co-op and by growing your own natural foods yourself. 

The financial starvation inflicted on Monsanto and company, will ensure we can protect the bees and save our future. However, many are still unaware that they must do this. You can and should educate others about this crucial issue. 

This has to be done or the human race could end, The facts are here, the warning alarms are sounding! If we don't get involved, we don't control the government and the corporations will take over.

Rather than wait for politicians. It’s better to get involved in local ballot proposition activism, be it for anti-corruption candidates who will stand for food rights, or more directly, pushing local and statewide ballot initiatives to address the issue proactively. 

Join and get involved in building your state’s permanent ballot access network. We are here to empower the direct democracy solution that will allow us the take the government back to belonging to "We the People."

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