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Top 10 reasons to Join Activism Truth

on Friday, 04 July 2014. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Become a member of Activism Truth, the benefits are ever increasing as we expand.

Top 10 reasons to Join Activism Truth

Members of Activism Truth benefit in a multitude of ways. Understanding the member features and our organizing platform will help you realize the true potential of joining our community. Here are the top 10 reasons why joining us is the best thing you can do for our nation, and the worlds future.

The first benefit is that by being a member of the world’s first ballot proposition clearing house, is that you can help attract new members by simply being involved. The more people that join, the more people will join. The end result will be that you can say “I was part of it from the beginning.” When we reach a critical mass, we will be able to put many ballot propositions on the ballot, at the same time, effortlessly. Thanks to the power of the internet, citizens' grassroots ballot proposition organizing will have the ability to become stronger than globalist control over our local sovereignty. Through our strength in numbers, and strategic organizing, we can  stop corruption in government.  Isn’t that enough incentive on it’s own?

The second benefit is our growing journalistic coverage of ballot proposition related news. This news is crucial to wake people up to the reality that there are always opportunities to improve democratic systems in many areas of the world. People are fighting for improved democratic rights all the time, and the powers that be are also seeking to limit our democracy. News of this nature is most important. We need to wake people up to the reality that we have real opportunities, and there's  risk of continuing erosion of our liberties from apathy. Unlike erosion of our liberties at the hands of politicians, where we are powerless, erosion of our liberties because of our lack of activity in our local ballot proposition organizing, is because of our own reluctant passivity. Therefore, being ignorant of real solutions that are available to us, will not be an excuse any more. Our news  will help to inspire and direct people to action items they can take to ensure that we can eventually reach our critical mass needed to stop corruption in government.

The third benefit is that we will build local networks of  true activists who care, and are active in their communities. All members can build a member profile. The profile can have blogs viewable to members only, a common wall shared with all connections, a friends list, and other features incorporating  interaction on the website.  this website allows you to network with the people to work with. We are building a  long term community of motivated  individuals who are willing to take actions to ensure that we can work towards a better future.

A fourth benefit is our interactive forum with voting polls. Members can share news and views, and online voting can commence to shape the future of the Activism Truth organization. Members will submit articles in relevant categories where we have initiatives archived, and they will vote on the validity and importance of articles to prioritize information to best win arguments in favor of their passionate issues. The winning factoids presented by members will be archived into blog submissions by our AT writers. This is the foundation of our “Quorum E-Democracy.” The forum allows for members to submit new ideas and network with like minded people. The forums will help shape the direction of our collective future.

The fifth benefit is our initiative article polls and surveys. This is where we hear from you about what your top initiative choices are, and we survey members to know if we are making any errors to ensure we best represent all our topics. Initiative polls and surveys allow us to model the Quorum E-Democracy to fit our members' ideals best. Our members' top choices will receive funding from our pool of financial resources we retrieve from our online sales and member contributions. Members use these open source voting systems to direct the future of our company.

The sixth benefit is our private groups. Private groups serve as organizer tools to coordinate activities specific to the region where you live. Members can operate groups when they develop status as frequent users, earning points from all activity, which then in turn can help them become successful independent organizers with our company. Private groups offer calendar options for promoting events, file sharing, private and group member interaction, video and picture sharing, as well as general posting. Groups can be set to private, invite only, or open to the public. Groups allow organizers to independently contact all members by email for action items, serving as an effective organizer asset.

The seventh benefit is our point system. Our point system increases members worth with every member interaction. You earn points by inviting people to join our network; by communicating with them, by posting to the forum and all other activities. Your member status increases as your points increase, and these points can be used to achieve rank as forum or group moderators, as well as additional discounts on products offered in our shopping cart.

The eighth benefit is our discount system. All members will receive member only discounts on products and services both from local and national merchants.

Our ninth benefit is our publishing system. Anyone who wants to make a name for themself can submit blogs to be published in our blog archive. Our website has top value search engine ranking. You get an author attribution, and when you publish blogs, you will get lots of attention so people can connect with you both on and off the AT website.

Members only opportunities are our tenth benefit. Opportunities include options to earn extra income, recruiting merchants for our local directories, fundraising for initiative campaigns, paid signature collection, and more. Only members can benefit from opportunities we will ofter.  Being a member gives you first chance to participate in rewarding efforts for important campaigns, and the benefit of earning extra income helping them.

The top benefit, the first benefit mentioned , is  to be a part of the organization of signers who support the Activism Truth Project. When you're linked up with us, and support us, we will be able to deliver ballot propositions in every state across the nation. We are gearing up to be the nation's first citizen ballot proposition Super PAC. Isn’t it time people start becoming the lawmakers instead of letting only the politician and corporation class take over our country? Our own acquiescence to injustice is the only thing stopping humans from rising above the elitist agenda against humanity. We need not be passive any longer. Direct actions using the ballot proposition process, put people in control of our nation's destiny. In this fashion, we become the lawmakers, and the political elites will have no choice but to bend to the law, working in our favor. It's time we exercise the power to create ballot initiatives, and give citizens a chance to vote on important issues. We cannot afford to let the elected polititians destroy our future any futher. Please join us.


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