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Omnibus Ballot Strategy to Save the Republic

on Friday, 04 July 2014. Posted in Activism Truth Details, U.S.A.

Happy Independence Day!

Omnibus Ballot Strategy to Save the Republic

This July 4th, 2014, marks the day when the world first “Online Omnibus Ballot Proposition Organizing System” has ever been launched.We are the first "Qurum E-Democracy" for direct ballot propositions. Our technological networking advantages puts us in the forefront of 3rd party candidate drafting and nomination. Our goal is the stop all corruption in government, but building to a critical mass, having enough stregth in numbers, to use the ballot proposition process to save the Republic.

Many people don’t know what a ballot proposition is. A ballot proposition lets people vote for a direct law change, to kick a politician out of office, or to get a 3rd party candidate on the ballot to challenge the corporate pay to play elections. A popular vote wins. To get a proposition to the ballot, a large volume of physical signatures must be collected by trained petition circulators. This has always been an expensive and time consuming task. Fortunately, with advances in technology, we can strategically cut costs and time by organizing people for the long term strategy of using this process to stop all corruption in government.

Normally, ballot proposition campaigns work solo, starting from scratch with very little initial supporters. Now, we are building a community of activist minded people, who will be on standby, willing to support new ballot propositions and who are pledging to be in support of important propositions already in the works, for the long term as well.

Never has there been an organization which used the internet, to organize people for multiple ballot propositions all at the same time, with online tools to empower activists to create real support behind their propositions for the long term until they win.

We have the Omnibus ballot strategy. Long term interconnected networking of activists for ballot propositions will ensure a continual growth of strength in numbers, until a critical mass is reached that can help us put propositions on the ballot effortlessly.

A Clearinghouse for ballot initiatives and ballot proposition support is now available. People can join, find initiatives they like, link to their groups, and stay connected for multiple campaigns that will need their signature to get on the ballot. When the campaign is launched, they can contact them by email and phone, to ensure they can get the signature and support needed to win and get the proposition on the ballot.

A Panacea solution is now available. Now, long term organizing of the real patriots in our nation, will result in the critical mass development needed to create a 4th system of checks and balances. Never, before the internet was around, could such a strategy to stop corruption in politics take place.

We will change the paradigm of governance. As people wake up the fact that ballot propositions can change the future of America, to stop corruption from multiple angles, rather than waiting for politicians, by passing the elite control with legal direct democracy solutions.

We can and must utilize recalls, and start kicking out politicians.
We must utilize nominations, and get 3rd party candidates on the ballot for every seat possible.
We must utilize initiatives, and put our own law changes on the ballot so voters can vote them into law.
We must utilize our organization for referenda, so when the politicians pass bad laws, we can have enough people organized we can nullify it at the next election with a popular vote. 

Activism Truth works on the premise that the independents are out there, they just feel powerless. When we get enough people involved at exposing the solution, they will come out and start working with us to overpower the two party dynasties.

Politics will never be the same. When the people use real direct democracy and start shaking up the system, elite politicians will be a phenomenon of the past. Only the people can stop them. You and I are the power, not the political elite. Only when we let them control us, and we fail to be the checks and balances powers we are meant to be, do they win. Only if we remain passive will the world slide into despotism and the New World Order will have its way.

The New World Order will instead be one by the people. Order by constitutional direct democracy will work. Direct democracy to save the sovereignty of the Republic will work, in fact, it’s the only thing that has, and it will be gone if we don’t use it.

Now is the time to rise up. Happy 4th of July. Join us and tell others. Make this a 4th to remember, the 4th when you joined the world’s first ballot proposition network.

We are building a Quorum E-Democracy for facts and truths about globalist agendas, one that filters up the top priority information, in favor of supporting citizen’s initiatives. By joining us, you help us build clout. We win by keeping people informed, sharing information, and launching real campaigns to get our solutions on the ballot. When voters have choices to stop corruption, they will. Your membership will help us provide choices.
Rather than wait for politicians. Join us so the people can rise up.

Use Direct Democracy to save the Republic. Change your paradigm. Be a part of the most comprehensive solution to date. The world’s first electronically connected ballot access network will change history, empowering people to stop all tyranny, so the golden age of humanity will be upon us. It can happen in this lifetime. Join us now!

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