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This blog is about the evolving nature of the Activism Truth program. Alligned with the concepts for ballot initiatives, referendum, recall, nomination and citizen grand jury, this writting will inform people about the ideas behind the Activism Truth network.

Top 10 reasons to Join Activism Truth

on Friday, 04 July 2014. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Become a member of Activism Truth, the benefits are ever increasing as we expand.

Top 10 reasons to Join Activism Truth

Members of Activism Truth benefit in a multitude of ways. Understanding the member features and our organizing platform will help you realize the true potential of joining our community. Here are the top 10 reasons why joining us is the best thing you can do for our nation, and the worlds future.

Omnibus Ballot Strategy to Save the Republic

on Friday, 04 July 2014. Posted in Activism Truth Details, U.S.A.

Happy Independence Day!

Omnibus Ballot Strategy to Save the Republic

This July 4th, 2014, marks the day when the world first “Online Omnibus Ballot Proposition Organizing System” has ever been launched.We are the first "Qurum E-Democracy" for direct ballot propositions. Our technological networking advantages puts us in the forefront of 3rd party candidate drafting and nomination. Our goal is the stop all corruption in government, but building to a critical mass, having enough stregth in numbers, to use the ballot proposition process to save the Republic.

Revolution or Evolution Part 5

on Sunday, 28 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Spread the Word about Activism Truth

What are we waiting for!? If you know just 3 people who care about the world and will listen, and they know 3 others and tell 3 more to do the same. Through our diligence, we can be victorious over public apathy to act against government corruption, in favor of solutions.

Call to Action

on Monday, 22 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Here are Many Ways to Get Involved

This is a Call to Action! We are showing you all the various ways you can help the Activism Truth foundation. Study this list and find out more about each opportunity and get involved. People generally will start with one action item, and gradually develop more and more interest in helping other ways. We implore you to be the change you wish to see in the world. Make a lasting difference, be an activist minded citizen. If more people thought like this, we would have a better world in no time!

Micro-Financing Campaigns

on Monday, 22 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Crowdfunding Citizen Campaigns

When any concerned citizen just looks at the facts, about how we only need to put a little effort put our initiatives on the ballot. There is a great moment clarity and aspiration because we can see our utopia is already realized, now we just have to create it! Crowdfunding allows for many people to pitch in small amounts to ensure continual support to ensure important projects progress and momentum. Pick a campaign, make a pledge, and see it through with others in your community!

Proponents with Activism Truth

on Monday, 22 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Proponents Wanted

The Strategy of Activism Truth is to help groups work together, so we can learn from each other and help each other. Rather than work alone, we can help all our favorite causes. Today, when a courageous proponent files an important citizen’s initiative, they have to start from nothing. They have a little money unusually, and a few people in their immediate networks, but they usually don’t have a crowd of people to micro-finance their ballot proposition. Why don’t they have support? It turns out that most big activist groups don’t ever file ballot propositions. Ballot propositions are usually filed by a small minority who don’t believe in lobbying or political party politics anymore.

Activism Jobs for Extraordinary People

on Monday, 22 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Canvassers and Petition Circulators

Activism Jobs for Extraordinary People

Canvassers and Petition Circulators are set to be a main source of organizing strength for Activism Truth because they are the people who go door to door and organize districts. They solidify the grassroots for democracy and they are the resource for all benefit of mankind. They are to be regarded as the most courageous people to be the ones to open people's minds and change the nation's destiny directly.

Upper Management

on Monday, 22 July 2013. Posted in Activism Truth Details

Proponents, Campaign Managers and Activism Truth

Upper management for Activism Truth includes Proponents who file initiatives, referenda, recalls, nominations and citizen grand juries, and Campaign Managers who oversee fundraising, organizing and signature collection to qualify the citizen's initiatives on the ballot. These business leaders in the Activism Truth enterprise will be the true patriots who do the work and accomplish goals to let the citizens take back our Republic.