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Stop Uranium Mining!

on Sunday, 01 September 2013. Posted in Nuclear

End Nuclear Dependancy

Stop Uranium Mining!

Nuclear dependancy is our greatest threat to the modern world. GMO foods can't even grow in a nuclear waste zone. More and more, the uranium isotopes are concentrating in our environment and our world becomes that much more deadly by the day. There is no future for humanity if our nuclear waste excedes a theashold where mutations and cancers start to hit ever peson.

Right now, some forms of tumors and cancers affect 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 in women. Yes, you heard that right. That means that either I, the author of this blog, or your the reader are likely to get cancer in our lives. Chances are it will be one of us, but I'm taking precautions to reduce my risk every day, are you?