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Jack Herer's Legacy

on Friday, 20 September 2013. Posted in Charter Amendment for I&R, California, Hemp

End All Cannabis Prohibition, Everywhere!

The Jack Herer legacy is alive and well today in California and perhaps soon in other states. It's important that the truth about the corrupt influences in government with oil, big Pharma, plastics and forestry, all led to the end of "marijuana" which was a racist word that was made up to make people against hispanics. Hemp can save the world, it's green, it thrives in most climates, no pesticides needed, no oil needed, no cost, we would save our environment and in a most dramatic way as well, our economy. 

Label GMO's in the Legislature

Written by Charlie Parke on Monday, 09 September 2013. Posted in Arizona, Charter Amendment for I&R, GMO Foods

Arizona legislature to take up GMO labeling in 2014

Label GMO's in the Legislature

Since the mid-1990s people have been eating genetically modified food (GMO’s) in every meal.  With little public awareness of what GMO’s were and no labels to let consumers know what foods contained them GMO’s took over the market for corn, soy, sugar beets, cotton & more.  Health issues from food allergies, autism, leaky gut and many others have increased rapidly since GMO’s were introduced.

Problems with Representative Government

on Sunday, 08 September 2013. Posted in The World of Direct Democracy, E-Democracy, Charter Amendment for I&R

The politicians are paid off, but the people can stop it.

Problems with Representative Government

From the beginning of the institution of representative government, sovereignty was supposed to be inherent in small communities, and then only through consent of the governed where representatives supposed to lead. At the time, prior to modern technology, representatives were necessary to ensure the will of the people was ensured for national issues. Today however, representative government is a failure and the general consensus of the people is opposed to what the government is doing. The answer is to to learn how OUR consensus will become the new law of the land.