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Law and Justice

This forum is about corruption in the courts and how we can have a more just society to ensure law works for the people, not heavily finances special interests and criminal elements of our government.
Paper Ballots are the top priority. Electronic voting machines continue to be used in all major cities through the USA and they must be abolished. Elections have been rigged by Machines and miscounts. Technology exists to create a mechanical electronic vote counting machine that uses paper ballots so there is 100% assurance in the integrity of our elections. Unite with patriots who will work to protect your right to have paper ballots and accountable elections!
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Last Post: Real Election Fraud
by Nico
4 years 11 months ago
Corporations are buying politicians through lobbyists and campaign contributions left and right. States must declare sovereignty under the tenth amendment and pass constitutional amendments to end corporate manipulation of our representatives by lobbyists contributions. The ballot initiative process is a sure way to let people vote and get results we are looking for on a state wide level. Only once we stop lobbyists influence can we ensure our politicians are working for the people.
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Last Post: Wasted Taxes
by Nico
3 years 10 months ago
This forum is about the 10th amendment and how states are ensured the equal protection under the law to nullify federal programs that the people of their state's deem unconstitutional. This way, when tyrannical government takes actions that harm people, the people will always have the constitutional authority to keep freedom through protecting sovereignty of their local governments.
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Last Post: 10th Amendment
by Nico
4 years 10 months ago
This forum is about representational voting systems like Instant Runoff Voting and Ranked Choice Voting as well as any other improved proportional representation initiatives that can be implemented on a local and statewide level.
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This forum is about the problems that affect the Initiative process and what we can do to strengthen our ability to use this process to our full potential in our Cities, Counties and States.
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The right to Citizen Grand Jury (CGJ)ensures the people have a method with moving forward on litigation that involves any agent of government that the stand alone court system will not address. When judges are paid off and corrupted, the can lawfully be forced in front of a trial with a a CGJ, using this process. The Sheriff and law enforcement must follow the rules of CGJ and move to jail any corrupt politician, judge, law officer or other public official when edited on a CGJ where it is legal. Today only six states have CGJ rights but all other ballot initiative states can put legislation forward to create this additional important ballot proposal process. The states that have CGJ rights are Kansas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada and Oklahoma. No matter what your state, joining will ensure we promote this solution and that we can work together towards implementing it where you live.
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by Nico
3 years 10 months ago

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