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Initiative Discussion and Quorum

This forum space is for the discussion about any issues that Activism Truth has collected legislation for. A functional quorum is designed into the forum architecture so debates are rationally discussed, hierarchy of initiative urgency is established, and the people come to consensus within their own supporters as to how to best present their concerns to the public.

Each subcategory item is linked to a specific real legislation. Members are encouraged to present facts that are both in favor of, and against, the issues at hand. Voting will commence and member elected judges will be appointed to rule on the best course of action when and if divisiveness occurs. Private groups are formed and ballot access procedures to get propositions on the ballot are put to task by our top members.

New subcategories are added when members find new legislation and voluntarily organize other members to vote for it's urgency compared to other issues. Issues that receive the most activity and/or votes are aggregated to the front of the website to promote to the public in for all local, national and international levels. Get involved, post articles, comment, connect, vote and help design the future of the country, how you would want to see it, with Activism Truth.
This forum is for discussion on the various ways to be healthier, as well as the threats to our health and environment.
GMO Foods(12/6)
Agenda 21(2/8)
43 Topics 45 Replies KarmaYogi's Avatar
by KarmaYogi
3 years 4 months ago
This forum is for discussion about the debt free living and the debt based monetary systems that run the world.
5 Topics 3 Replies Nico's Avatar
Last Post: State Bank
by Nico
4 years 3 months ago
This forum is about corruption in the courts and how we can have a more just society to ensure law works for the people, not heavily finances special interests and criminal elements of our government.
12 Topics 11 Replies Nico's Avatar
Last Post: Corrupt Cops
by Nico
4 years 2 weeks ago
This forum is about the media propaganda and conditioning as well as crucial alternative news sources people should look at in order to get stronger alternative perspectives that empower us to solve problems in the world.
1 Topics 1 Replies Orgone Eyes's Avatar
Last Post: Alternative News
by Orgone Eyes
4 years 8 months ago
This forum is about problems created by the military industrial complex, how we can create peace in our communities, how to end the increase of police misconduct, how to stop the increase in para militarized police forces that can be used to oppress the people, and how to end the wars.
4 Topics 0 Replies Nico's Avatar
by Nico
4 years 4 days ago

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Keep discussion flowing. Give people who communicate well a "Thank You." Give people who communicate exceptionally well in favor of helping the initiatives you care about "Karma." Add friends, post your own articles and seek to elevate your status as an active member on Activism Truth.
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