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New Ballot Propositions

This forum is for to suggest new citizen propositions not yet archived on our website. Select an issue or create a new one, read and share news, comment vote, and participate in building our content. Once enough people are organized behind a suggested initiative, members can plan to fund legal assistance as necessary to draft their proposals. Activism Truth will assist in this process to expand the number of important initiatives in our archive.
This is a general forum for discussion about suggested initiatives that we would like to see drafted so people can create and support campaigns for concepts not currently highlighted on this Activism Truth website.
3 Topics 0 Replies JeffHeaton108's Avatar
by JeffHeaton108
4 years 5 months ago
This forum is for discussion on the implementation and need for Initiative, Referendum, Recall, Nomination and Citizen Grand Jury rights.
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by Nico
4 years 2 months ago

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Activism Truth promotes many initiatives that can be redrafted for any state in the nation. These bills can be passed into law by a vote of the representatives, or more by the people on the ballot. Each initiative is selected democratically and ordered in placement by using a Rank Choice Voting system exclusive to high ranking members. To participate in voting on our campaigns priorities, become active on our website and upon achieving a high rank based on points earned from activity, you will get an invitation to vote on initiative ranking.
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