Idaho Signature Requirements

Written by Nicolas Guillermo. Posted in Idaho Activism


Signature Requirements::

  • Statutes and Veto Referenda: 6% of registered voters from the last general election. 
  • Initiative and Referenda for Cities and Counties: 20% of the qualified electors who voted in the last general election. 
  • Recalls: 20% of the voters who voted in the last election for incumbent to be recalled. The replacement has to be from the same party and then chosen by the Governor.
  • Nominations: Partisan Candidates and Independents: U.S. Senate - 1000 signatures or $500 - U.S. House 500 signatures or $300 - Statewide Executive Offices - 1000 signatures or $200 - $300 - State Legislature - $30 
  • Write Ins for all seats only have to file a motion of intent.