Florida Signature Requirements


Signature Requirements: 

  • Constitutional Amendment Initiatives: requires 8% of the registered voters who voted in the last presidential election. 
  • Local Initiatives and Referenda: 10% of the registered voters in the last city general election.
  • Local Recall: 10% to 5%.
  • Initiatiative Deadline: 2 Years.
  • Recall Deadlines: 30 Days

People United for Medical Marijuana

This legislation was created for Florida State by the organization "People United for Medical Marijuana" P.U.F.M.M. at http://www.puffm.com. Florida is recognizes as having worse laws against those caught with marijuana by police than any other state in the county, and worse than federal law. The prisons are overrun and the access for people who have serious life threatening disease is risky because people have to break the law if they have cancer for example and they want to use cannabis oil to eliminate their tumors.

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