National Model Legislation Goals

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bill of rights

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Stop the NSA

This local resolution was published at

This legislation is ready for use at local level Counties, cities and towns in support of the 4th Amendment and in opposition to NSA spying programs. It calls upon the state to oppose, unwarrantable (unconstitutional) or simply unpopular actions from the federal government, as James Madison and several other founding fathers advised.

Patriot Act

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This legislation was provided by and is model legislation for any state in the country to implement, regarding the protection of privacy from federal spying programs. We can stop the unconstitutional NSA programs which
violate the 4th Amendment billions of times each week.
The website offers strategy behind the bill and shows it's constitutional foundation. Join to get action items for
what you can do in your state.

National Guard

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national gaurd

Defend the Guard

This bill is important because it declares sovereignty over our state run defense department. Rather than the federal government unconstitutionally controlling our military for special interests, it should be under local jurisdiction to ensure accountability and representation of it's powers in the people will. This bill was created by the Tenth Amendment Center.

10th Amendment

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These four pieces of model legislation are created to define the 10th amendment for the States benefit to not be impeded on by the Fedearl Government in any way. 

Sheriffs First

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Sheriffs First model legislation

This "Sheriffs First" bill would make it a state crime for a federal officer to arrest, search, or seize in the state (Montana in this example) without first getting the advanced, written permission of the elected county sheriff of the county in which the event is to take place. Locally-elected sheriffs are accountable to the people and are supposed to the the chief law enforcement officer of the county, bar none. This bill puts teeth into the expectation that federal agents must operate with the approval of the sheriff, or not at all. It also gives the local sheriff tools necessary to protect the people of his county, and their constitutional rights. There are exceptions in the legislation for "hot pursuit", U.S. customs and border patrol, corrupt sheriffs, and more.


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End the NDAA

The NDAA strips people of the constitutional liberties like the right to a fair trial, and the right to protest an event with major political leaders that might have secret service. They can lock you away for life, no trial not jury, if your simply suspected of terrorism, and this is a martial law provision we must veto by a vote at the ballot because otherwise what is a constitution for in the first place if we don't even respect right to a fair trial in this country. The negligence to address this issue has profound implications, we must get involved.

End Corporate Personhood

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Move to Amend Initiative

The organization making the most headway on this issue is the Move to Amend coalition, a non-partisan group dedicated to leveling the political playing field between people and corporations. Using the ballot initiative process, citizens can put this initiative on their statewide ballots as a constitutional amendment.


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End Drone Surveillance

Police have taken it upon themselves to spy on law abiding citizens with drone planes. We must End Drone Surveillance if we are to protect our constitutional liberties from a government seeking to spy on every aspect of our lives. It's one thing to use Drones to capture criminals, it's another to use them for warrantless searches.

Government Corruption

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The Anti-Corruption Act


The Anti-Corruption Act is a legislation that would end lobbists influence and end corruption in government. This legislation is key and should be put forward on every ballot in the nation along with a movement to replace all politicians with those who support this act and will push it federally.


Legalize Industrial Hemp

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Legalize Industrial Hemp

This legislation would legalize industrial hemp for it's rich applications in industry with over 1000s of uses to reduce fossil fuels in plastics and to replace the timber industries pillage of our great historic forests. Hemp can replace the GMO cotton making better softer and stronger textiles along with making superior construction materials. It is intended as model legislation for any state in the country.