California Signature Requirements


Signatures Required: 

  • Consitutional Amendments: 8% of the most recent Gubernatorial vote.
  • Statutes: 5% of the most recent Gubernatorial vote.
  • Veto Referenda: 5% of the most recent gubernatorial vote
  • Recall: For Statewide Recalls,12% of the votes from the last vote for that office are required. For all other offices, 20% of the voters are required.
  • Filing Deadline - Maximum of 150 days to circulate, 131 days before the next statewide election.

Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to California

This Initiative would ensure that California's Economy would not be sold out to international trade deals. This bill would ensure a transition from selling out the economy, to ensuring the economy building stays in the state, and money circulates locally, ensuring jobs and economic stability.

Save the Bees Initiative

Honey bees and other pollinators like bumble bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. Over 1/3 of the food we eat requires pollination by honey bees and other pollinators. As the pollinators continue to disappear food cost will skyrocket. Over the last five years scientist have linked the use of neonicotinoid insecticides to the rapid decline of the pollinators. Neonicotinoid insecticides impair foraging and feeding behavior of bees, causes them to become disorientated as well as weakens their immune system and increases their susceptibility to deadly viruses, diseases and parasites.

This initiative will instruct the California EPA to force neonicotinoid insecticides off the market until their safety can be assured.


Police the Police

Police the Police

People need stronger checks and balances on behalf the public to ensure the police are regulated and better protected from corruption and misconduct. 

With the rise of Police following unconstitional laws and violating the laws that are supposed to protect us from general misconduct and brutality, we the people need a way to ensure we can keep the police working for us, not for themselves.

The Nuclear Waste Act

Stop Nuclear Waste

This legislation is crucial to stop the problems associated with uranium mining, nuclear waste and storage, nuclear runnoff contamination from the water used to cool the rods and more. We have better alternative energies available to us, and we can even be more cost effective, we just need to have the courage to say NO!

Ban GMO Cultivation

Ban GMO Cultivation

This legislation is for Mendicino County but can be easily amended for any city in California. Futher alteration can allow this bill to be used for any city, county, state or country in the world.

Mt Shasta Geo-Engineering Initiative

cloud seeding

Mt Shasta Geo-Engineering Initiative

This legislation is specially for Mount Shasta California but can easily amended for any city in the state. This legislation addresses the concerns for water quality reservation of the water for local residents, ecological health, and to restrict the private interest of corporations that seek to profit at the expense of the people and environment. 


Hemp and Health

Hemp and Health

This is the most profound legislation dealing with legalizing Hemp and Mariujuana, also it would release the non-violent offenders of the federal Anti-Marijuana act as well as erase their criminal records in the state. It is designed for Calofornia but with the right alternations it can be a template legislation for any state in the country, or even any country in the world.