Arizona Citizen Grand Jury

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Arizona does not have a Citizen Grand Jury CGJ process but it can be created by a constitutional ballot initiative. Join the Activism Truth movement to participate and bring power of the courts back into legitimate constitutional checks and balances. Problems arise when the bar association protects corrupt lawyers and judges. Judges protect corrupt corporations and politicians. All this corruption can be eliminated and the CGJ process is a key method to stop it. 


Arizona Signature Requirements

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Signatures Requirements:

  • Amendment: 15% of those who participated in the last gubernatorial vote.
  • Statute: 10% of those who participated in the last gubernatorial vote.
  • Veto Referenda: 5% of those who participated in the last gubernatorial vote.
  • Recall: 25% of the votes cast for in the last election for that office.
  • Arizona allows for local ballot measures.
  • Deadline: 2 Years.

Arizona Navajo Initiative Rights

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Native American Tribes have ballot initiative rights. In Arizona, the Navajo Nation has Initiative Rights that can be used to deal with problems affecting the environment and social justice.

Initiative for Labeling GMO Foods

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This legislation is relating to disclosure of foods produced through genetic engineering, and prescribing penalties. It can be altered for any state in the country or any country in the world.

Statute to Stop Traffic Cameras

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This legislation was drafted for the city of Tucson but can be amended for any city. We are looking for people to step up and assist getting this and other initiatives on the ballot.