Strategy Overview

The Strategy of Activism Truth is Strength in Numbers. The more people that get behind our efforts, the closer we will get to the Critical Mass required to accomplish the goal of Permanent Ballot Access. When people you network with start telling others as well, we will redefine the concept of a democracy. Rather than theoretical democracy, we will create true democracy options that will enable the people to rule by consent of the governed. 

Social Networking

Social Networking is the cement that will hold together the democracy of the digital age. We are looking for artists and writters to start working with us. Everyone else can also help by promoting the artists and writters. We allready have a great amount of blogs to start showing our intention of creating support behind specific initaitives that are the legislative solutions to problems facing our nation. Soon, we should have a enough people in every state to provide news about ballot access solutions in their state every day. There is so much content on what to write about but we need to find the people who can do it. Join us in finding the artists and writers, help us help them to recruit more members for your states ballot initiatives. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pintrist and other sites will be the outreach tools we use to build our critical mass for Permanent Ballot Access. 


"We the People" are only as strong as we are close. We need to get to know our neighbors and the people in our city, in order to learn how to associate with them while delivering to them the most important citizens initiatives you can get your hands on. Liberty Economy LLC and the Representative Initiatives Super P.A.C. will be contracting independent entrepreneurs to learn how the art of successful fundraising and organizing. We will provide the direct contracting for the work. When you get into it, canvassing is one of the toughest jobs, the most fun and the most rewarding.

Local Economy

The economy is in a downward spiral due to the debt based nature of it's existence. Contrary to popular understanding, economies can and in fact have thrived when based on non inflationary gold and sliver, not on paper FIAT money that can be manipulated, illegally by corrupt governments paying "debt" which is really royalties to the world's banking elites. Today, we also have new digital currencies that can provide more stable economic securities that paper money. The best solution however, is to keep the economy local, to shop from brick and mortar, mom and pop businesses. Activism Truth seeks to build a national database of local directories for each state and in each city and town, so people can find local businesses for all the products they need. 

Duplication Principle

Our individual efforts alone will not save our country from tyranny, one unified force of a critical mass of people must be established to have permanent ballot access. We will provide motivation and training to enable a duplication principle to unfold our massive collaborative effort. Individuals just like you will be participating regularly to grow our numbers so we can have a total solution to stop corruption in government with Permanent Ballot Access. 

Citizens Rise

We can take over the initiative process from the inside by simply living as co owners of one of the most free nations on the planet with the citizens initiative process. We may have corruption, but not if we stop it! This is a call to action. We emplor you to make promotion of the permanent ballot access and direct signature colleciton in your community a way of life, a thought, an action, a habit and a destiny of yours. We can save this nation, it take your willingness to get involved. Don't wait for others. We are the leaders of the new world.