Initiatives let the people decide by popular vote. If our elected representatives aren't doing their job of working for the common good of the people, the people can become the 4th system of checks and balances. Initiatives serve as a form of media that allows people to make a direct vote to change laws. If we don't use initiatives, we rely on the politicians, that is simply not an option given how they have failed us in dealing with the most important issues for generations. It's time we take the initaitive, and make some ballot initiatives!

E-Democracy Candidates

E-Democracy candidates are representatives who run for office on the platform of representing the will of the people. In order to truly represent the people in an intelligent way, a "Quorum E-Democracy" system will be established where policy ideas can be vetted by individuals featuring experts in congruent topics of policy, so that the truth can rise, misconceptions can be dispelled and the people can come to conclusions directed towards achieving greater consensus than ever before.


The Referendum is a tool voters can use to veto a law that they don't like, bypassing the State legislature to nulify a law they push without our approval. The referendum is a direct democracy tool to stop laws we don't want. Voters can still vote for the laws to pass, but at least, referenda allow for people to stop them too. 


When our representatives don't represent us, rather than wait for their full term in office to expire, and hope things change with the next elected official, we can move to recall them now. Let the truth be known on the ballot and let people vote to prohibit them from taking office again!


Nominations are tools to allow voters who don't like to vote for the lesser of two evils, to put alternative candidates on the ballot. The two party monopoly does not want the citizens using nomination to put populist candidates on the ballot that challenge their lobbyist driven policies. It is the citizens prime responsibility to back independent candidates and to even run for office ourselves when a good third party candidate is not available in our district. Activism Truth will provide candidate training and 3rd party candidate support. Our SuperPac will provide funding for candidates who challenge the plutocracy.

Citizen Grand Jury

We can hold a Citizen Grand Jury (CGJ) in six states, as stated by their state constitutions. This can help us have true justice, not limited by corrupted judges. The CGJ process can also be implemented in others states by using the initaitive process. When unitlized, this process can stop corrupt politicians, police, judges and corporations from violating our constitutional rights. .

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