Strategy Overview

The Strategy of Activism Truth is Strength in Numbers. The more people that get behind our efforts, the closer we will get to the Critical Mass required to accomplish the goal of Permanent Ballot Access. When people you network with start telling others as well, we will redefine the concept of a democracy. Rather than theoretical democracy, we will create true democracy options that will enable the people to rule by consent of the governed. 

Join the Solution, become a member of our Strategic Alliance! There are many levels of participation throughout the strategy section. Each one of them plays a different role in our overall effectiveness as an organization. Strategies are numerous and anyone can play a role in helping. When enough people who all live in the same State, join our forum and subscribe for Activism Truth news, we will be able to alert everyone at once forming a critical mass capable of initiating our own citizens ballot initiatives, referenda, recalls, nominations and citizen grand jury processes.

Our forum moderators will be doing a great deal of that job for us. People who participate in the forums earn points that allow us to determine our members involvement. A member with significant participation can earn moderator positions and group organizer positions. Votes will be cast in our forums and VIP groups so that everyone will see the proportional consensus, allowing us to determine if debates for or against any issue are valid or invalid to maintaining the goal, to put our legislation on the ballot. Members can vote against issues they do not support, and for issues they do support. The issues with the most support achieve higher ranking and aggregate to the top of the website for the most public exposure. 

What if people don't agree with our legislation? They can be heard, but a core strategy is of our members participation in getting their issues voted upon. We hope to encourage you to do outreach and bring forward new support for your cause. Members are encouraged to suggest their own initiatives. Regardless of our agreements and disagreements, the top issues among our selected initiatives will make it to the ballot by our design.

Each state has an available directory of local merchants, among which, any purchase made will contribute towards your state's top initiative funds. We are seeking to become the first democratically represented citizens ballot proposition agency on a national scale. We will have representation in every state. Citizens will be taking their petitions to the polls and voting on all their major issues. The digital tools are available to get this done. Activism is now in the cloud, with the digital age allowing for people to become an organized and intelligent, recognized 4th system of checks and balances against corruption in government. Anything produced here will be permanently etched in the history of mankind.

We are building the first functional Quorum E-Democracy system where facts aggregate to the front of the website in the form of blogs under initiative articles. This way, the most important non-debatable facts about problems are presented along the solutions, the initiatives to change laws. Our members will be engaged in voting to determine what issues are of most importance and what facts need to be debated further. We will implement ranked choice voting methods to ensure all variable views on subjects are presented. 

We will rely on word of mouth advertising primarily. If you really care about a cause, you can invite people you know and meet online and draw them towards being a member of a private issue specific group in your area. Each group will have independent controls as to what content is presented and they will have direct access to communicate with all group members independently of the central Activism Truth organization. This way, each group decentralizes it's power from the main Activism Truth hub and becomes autonomous with it's own will to direct it's members towards it's goals.

We seek to ensure all people are represented and can get behind the issues they care about. Join us, let your voice be heard, organize with others locally and use our tools to empower your community for true citizen solutions to stop problems with government.