Problem Overview

People know the world has problems, but often, they don't want to dig too deep into understanding what is causing them. Because the majority of people don't know of the solutions, or they believe that there are no solutions, they would rather not be bothered from the comforts provided to them through propaganda, comforting lies, entertainment and other distractions. Denial is satisfactory for most people, but eventually it catches up to them. 

Activism Truth seeks to have our followers first acknowledge the problems. A growing minority of truth seekers are rising in every city and town. The future of the world depends on our collective awareness of the problems and involvement in solving them. Following the understanding of problems, comes the awareness of the solutions and the urgency to act on them using proven strategies. When we can show you the solutions and strategies to accomplish them, you can share your enlightenment with others and a real utopia of the future will naturally fall into place, ensuring freedom, liberty and justice for all.

The problems we face are numerous. You can help be a part of the Activism Truth movement by joining our Forum, reading, commenting and posting articles related to areas that matter the most to you. Once you know more about the problems, you can be part of the solution.

Our nation is under siege. The elites use a five fold attack on nations to bring under their control for greedy personal gains.  We list them here (temporarily without sources). Details regarding each statement will be linked in the near future to well researched blogs. 

Note: Not all individuals working for military, police, banking, western medicine, mainstream media etc. are bad. We must acknowledge this but also be aware that each the five sectors overall synergistic malfeasance. They all work with support from other sectors. Each has elite manipulators with their own agendas which combine to assist in the gradual transformation of the world into a 4th Reich, with a global top down dictatorship, the opposite of a grassroots up democratic ideal. There is much proof of this, it is called the New World Order and Agenda 21. It is wrapped in comforting propaganda and misinformation as politicians claim it's for our good, but really, its to continue and advance tyranny. The goal is to progress the New World Order slowly in order to acclimate people to injustice and to accept it. Video 

The 5 fold attack includes:

  • The Military Industrial Complex: False Flag Attacks, Patriot Act, NDAA, Drones, Nuclear Weapons, Bio-Warfare, Chemical Weapons, Foreign Occupations etc. 
  • The Private Banking Debt Based Monetary System: The Federal Reserve, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, End of the Glass Steagal Act, Wall Street Corruption, etc.
  • The Corrupt Judicial System: Paid off Judges, For Profit Jail System, Schools to Prison Revolving Doors, War on Drugs, Corporate Person-hood, Destruction of Constitutional Rights etc.
  • The Environmental Disasters and Western Medical Systems: Nuclear Power, Tar Sands, Coal Power, Oil Economy, Geo-Engineering, Fluoridation of the Water, GMO Foods, Killer Vaccines, Big Pharma, Corrupt FDA etc.
  • The Propaganda System: Consolidated Media, Propagandized Television, Movies and Music, Federalized Public Education , Divide and Conquer Propaganda etc.

The entire paradigm of left vs. right was constructed by the elites to create controlled opposition and an illusion of choice between ideology driven people. Psychologists who worked for the royal order realized they could control the masses by dividing political ideologies. By creating ideology centrist archetypes for the political class to warp the public views with, they can herd the majority of people into one of two camps, the liberal camp, or the conservative camp. This creates a divide and conquer mechanism that has been used by the elites since the times of Machiavelli. (more info and references coming soon)

In reality, there should be no conservative or liberal wings of government, there should be debate over issue specific legislation. When a "party" ceases to debate it's issues between it's own members, collectivism and irrational beliefs fueled by emotional motivations rule the groups decisions. Rather than people thinking for themselves, they succumb to follow the herd mentality as they compromise in the false hope that the collective will take care of the individual. We need to change the paradigm, where the individual, living according to ethics and principles for the common good, can ensure that the collective sovereignty is maintained as well. Only when the people have free access to information that can evolve their choices, can the community be free as a whole.

The major problem is that people are voting for a party, rather than for issue specific agendas that have been debated in public, where all logic is applied to finding the best solution for all people. Activism Truth will apply the first use of a Quorum E-Democracy where logic and facts rule the debate, rather than emotional ideological philosophies. We are working to ensure the majority of people can then support the fact based ethical decisions that the majority will support. Our members will have access to create laws to amend problems affected by the 5 fold attack mentioned previously. The creation of laws will happen by having a representative legislature and by direct citizen legislation using the ballot initiative process which is discussed in further detail in the solutions section following this problems section of our explanation about us.

Keep reading and find out more about the problems, knowing that once you understand them, you will also be confident that the solutions and strategies will be clear as day. You will be illuminated to have more assurance that our nations future is really in our complete control, not in the control of corrupt influences. Your are in control of your future when you align your self with Activism Truth serving to create the U.S.A. a functional Ballot Access Network