Coalition building is an integral aspect of Activism Truth's long term goals. We must build coalitions with groups currently external to our organization, and integrate them with their goals into our platform so all individuals behind various causes can participate in supporting their local legislation using our tools and features. Even though there are so many groups with so many goals, we can certainly all come together for key legislation that will empower us all equally. Cooperation for the goals we all have in common is crucial. 

We are looking for ordinary people who belong to various organization to help build coalitions and bridge the connections between our members and members of other groups with similar causes. When we can build strong long term coalitions and this will help us build towards our critical mass goals. When enough people are organized, we can put any initiatives on the ballot effortlessly. 

We encourage all members to participate in private group discussions about how we can all work together as a coalition of diverse members ourselves, to recruit other coalitions to the best of our ability. 

When you join Activism Truth, you have the ability to join numerous national, statewide and local groups for issues you care about. You can even submit proposals to begin new groups that are not currently available. When you join a group you become part of a coalition for an project that can stay connected for the long run. 

The goal of each group is to build their membership large enough that members can have a critical mass close to or equivalent to that same number of signatures needed to qualify a proposition for the ballot. Otherwise, as a group grows in membership, members can form new sub committees themselves to oversee operations that will enable expansion of their influence in the outcome in elections. 

Each private group has event features and mass emailing options to reach out to members. Presidents will be democratically elected by members based on their contributions, availability, and accountability in propelling the groups purpose. 

Whether your a member of another group already, or your ready to join a coalition that is organizing within the Activism Truth private groups, your cause is important and you need to be a part of this so we can all reach our goals together.