Fund the cost of organizing directly. Email us for our wish list and feel free to fund our ballot access solution directly. Be a sustaining member to ensure success for your crucial concern. For every 300 members who contribute $5 a month, we can hire one full time contributor to grow our organization. 

The powers that be may attempt to sabotage our true civil revolution, but they won't stop us, the very act of distributing information to enlighten the public about our true power as the majority is our mission. Resistance is victory.

One, two or three full time workers will propell our project to a status that can absolutely change the outcomes of elections around the country. Currently we do not have any full time developers and are completely built from volunteer contributions by people who also have full time jobs and families. If we all just contribute a little bit, or if some large contributors step up to help this unique cause we call Permanent Ballot Access, we can change the world.

We currently are accepting funds to expand our programs capabilities and outreach. We must cover our costs for investment to continue on this mission. The costs for web development and hosting, legal costs, online promotions and administrative oversight will be an issue if not enough funding is received in time. Please donate by contacting us first, so we can find out how to better represent you and your concerns through our program.


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