Active Networking

As long as we ALL put intention into our networking, we will be a success for ALL Americans and an inspiration for democratic countries worldwide. All we need to do is learn, teach others, and stay close with others so we can beat the odds against us with strength in numbers. 

Organizing take many forms. Warm contacts, that is, contacting people you already know you is recommended first. However, this stage of active networking is only the first stage. Eventually warm contacts are exhausted, but by practicing your R.A.P. (really enticing proposal) on those you know, you will build your confidence up to talk to complete strangers. 

The real work begins when we start contacting new associates we actively make in our local communities and online. Rather than contact people randomly, we should find people who we already know we have something common with. We can meet people by getting involved in local activism groups based on the issues we care about, or simply based on recreation we enjoy. 

The most direct way of getting involved is in learning the art of door to door fundraising, this is active networking at it's finest. By working AT, by being a member, you will have access to training and oversight to ensure your success in organizing your local area. 

Once you do make an impact and organize someone into the Ballot Access Network of Activism Truth, it's important to stay in contact with them, following up to check their status with goals and obligations they have made, and ensuring that your doing your part to let them know they are not alone. The duplication principle ensures. We need each active member to advance and start playing more and more roles in participating in activism truth projects. We can not do this alone, at the end of the day we need many peoples signatures. If you care about an issue, you owe it to yourself to let others know about it and that there is legislation and an organizing system with Activism Truth. 

Each member profile has a private profile area with an invite feature built in. This tool allows you to send out emails from our system to your contacts with a private message, asking them to join and link up with our profile. 

The more people you link up to your profile form invites and networking within our forum and private user groups, the more interconnected our network becomes, ensuring long term support. 

The importance of national networking is that we never know who of our associates even out of state, or country, know others, who know others that will be effective at networking with us.

Every state is important, we must have a national ballot access network for each state to reclaim it's rights to the 10th Amendment in order to stop the growing Federal governments authoritarian power over our inherent state's rights as well as to defeat corrupt state politics. 

The state's are designed to limit federal power, and our ballot access is designed to limit state corruption, the people rule here, that is what our constitution is all about. 

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Be an integral part of our national project to organize for a full fledged, multiple state, ballot initiative, referendum, recall, nomination and citizen grand jury defense against corruption. Are we citizens or are we serfs? This 2016, America Decides!

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